Belfort on course for title shot

by Adam Hill | source:

Vitor Belfort will take on Yushin Okami on Nov. 13 at UFC 122 in Germany, with the victor getting the next shot at the winner of the middleweight title rematch between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen, which should take place in early 2011.

It was a shot Belfort thought he earned when he beat Rich Franklin in September 2009. But Silva was injured and couldn't take the fight. Then Belfort got hurt and Sonnen stepped in to take on the champion. After Silva pulled out a late victory in a bout dominated by Sonnen last month, a rematch was ordered, leaving Belfort to wait again.

"I've learned one thing in life. Everybody has a course. Everybody has a path. I know where I want to go, and I know I'm going to get there. I know what I have to do to get there. The obstacles in the way, I don't choose. God knows, my job is to get through them."

He must now beat Okami, whose tough, methodical style often frustrates opponents. But Belfort said he's ready.

"I'm not worried at all about him. I'm not worried about anyone besides myself. I'm worried about me and working on myself every day to get in the best condition, because I know when I'm in my best condition, I'm trouble."

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deadlyonetwo3 site profile image  

9/7/10 11:17 AM by deadlyonetwo3

 This is a great fight. Most of us are well aware of Okami, but this opportunity is long overdue. I am concerned with Vitor's ability to deal with Okami in the clinch, and on bottom if/when he ends up there. That said, I'm picking and rooting for Vitor.  The guy is a knockout puncher, and he has improved so much over the years.  It's great to see him finally realizing his full potential.  He is looking UNSTOPPABLE in recent fights.  I'm still reeling over what he did to Ace Franklin.

MentaL site profile image  

9/7/10 11:17 AM by MentaL

 Okami tends to strike a fair bit more these days since he has been critisized so it may fair well for Vitor.

soldierdad5417 site profile image  

9/7/10 11:14 AM by soldierdad5417

 Vitor's got nothing to worry about. Can't wait to see him kick the piss out of Okami.

Hunter V site profile image  

9/7/10 11:14 AM by Hunter V

lol @ Belfort being granted a shot and he hasn't even fought at 185 yet. He needs 2 wins against SOLID guys before he is granted a shot, Zuffa needs to not bank on his past. Make him earn the damn title shot.

Bry Bry site profile image  

9/7/10 11:14 AM by Bry Bry

i WANT the ultra confident Vitor to come back...the vitor than ran thru Tank..the aggressive Vitor....i still think Okami will give him problems though.great matchup!

Harold101 site profile image  

9/7/10 11:05 AM by Harold101

Vitor did talk crap about Tito, saying he should have fought Chuck at a post fight conference.

Mark Hunter site profile image  

9/7/10 10:49 AM by Mark Hunter

Exactly right!Seriously . . . for even the most Belfort-hating fight fan on this Forum . . . has anyone EVER heard Belfort say something disprespectful about an upcoming opponent? He didn't even badmouth Tito after Tito called him "mental midget" or whatever.

bhamill site profile image  

9/7/10 10:48 AM by bhamill

Agreed. I laughed when I read it through.

goku site profile image  

9/7/10 10:31 AM by goku

nice way to take it out of context to make vitor look bad ugnews!

slamming site profile image  

9/7/10 10:30 AM by slamming

 For the sake of everyone, lets hope Belfort wins.