Shine Fights faces possible injunction from Oklahoma commission


Yet another hurdle has appeared before Shine Fight's single-night eight-man tournament.

One day after the promotion moved Friday's show from Fairfax, Va., to Newkirk, Okla., a representative from the Oklahoma State Athletic Commission says the commission will not sanction the event, dubbed "Shine Fights: Lightweight Grand Prix."

They also may seek an injunction to stop it from taking place.

"The commission has been 100 percent successful in getting unauthorized events shut down," Oklahoma State Athletic Commission Director Joe Miller today wrote in an email to

Additionally, Miller said those who fight at the event are prohibited from getting a fighter's license for 60 days per the state's rules on unsanctioned competition. Any actions toward participants will go on the Association of Boxing Commission's national registry and may be honored by other state athletic commissions.

Miller said the decision to deny sanctioning is based on Shine's tournament format, a competition in which the two first rounds of the tournament feature two five-minute rounds with a three-minute overtime round (if needed). The finale is schedule for three five-minute rounds.

Fighters theoretically could fight 41 minutes in a single night.

"For [the fighter's] health and safety, it just really concerns me," Miller said.

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Oddessa site profile image  

9/7/10 9:31 PM by Oddessa

 i thought the org was doomed from the start when they named it "Shine" ..maybe its a just an late 80's New York  thing...

casperufc site profile image  

9/7/10 9:19 PM by casperufc

I just got off the phone with OMA and he said this thing is gonna happen for sure, so chill out fags!

Sans Lubricant site profile image  

9/7/10 8:46 PM by Sans Lubricant

Be careful with your words. He might call you to the mean streets of Toronto for a Rocky 5 type brawl.   

goonskwad site profile image  

9/7/10 8:44 PM by goonskwad

Lol, sans lubricant, there's no point in arguing with mr cock pulla here. He likes to attack names, as he did mine a few days ago. I especially like his spouting off some gangster slang shit while being a kid from Canada who's trying to sound educated by saying his name is Latin. Internet tough guy here can't take a joke

Sans Lubricant site profile image  

9/7/10 8:28 PM by Sans Lubricant

 LOL at Mr Pastry Bitch.  Real winners and tough guys call out anonymous posters on the internet and being as that I have never trained a day in my life in anything I'm not sure how smart it would be for me to fight an obvious stud like you. Lets just say I accepted and ragdolled YOU, what would I get out of this?

amberlamps site profile image  

9/7/10 8:24 PM by amberlamps

why cant we all just get along... on the internetz

Mr Pulla site profile image  

9/7/10 8:21 PM by Mr Pulla

^^^^^ you pussed out and anyone that looks through this thread will see who "lost". I am not pretending to be anything. You're the guy going through threads calling people a bitch like the anonymous coward you are. I'm all out of troll food and have a meeting in 30. PM me if you change your mind about getting ragdolled on video. I hope that LEGO set of yours is coming along.

Sans Lubricant site profile image  

9/7/10 8:16 PM by Sans Lubricant

 LOL at the internet tough guy. Did the internet hurt your feelings to where you want to fight now? You have already been defeated. 

Mr Pulla site profile image  

9/7/10 8:13 PM by Mr Pulla

Come to Toronto and spar me with mma gloves on video. Whatever rules you want. If I lose, I'll make that my av. If you're not up for that child, dicktuck and leave.

Mr Pulla site profile image  

9/7/10 8:12 PM by Mr Pulla

Pulla in Romanian means cazzo, dick. So why don't you go take one 'sans lubricant' and do all of us a favor. Then go have some Pulla (tea in Israel) to cure that deepthroat injury afterwards.