Shine Fights contract jeopardizes Aoki vs. Aurelio in DREAM

by Damon Martin | source:

The announcement came over the weekend that former UFC and Pride lightweight Marcus Aurelio had been contracted to face Dream lightweight champion Shinya Aoki at Dream 16 on Sept. 25 in Japan. It now appears Aurelio's placement in that fight could be in jeopardy due to his current contract with Shine Fights. The Brazilian is expected to compete in Shine’s lightweight Grand Prix this Friday.Sources speaking anonymously to over the weekend stated that Dream officials had been contacted by Shine Fights about Aurelio's involvement in their Sept. 25 show, and were informed that he had never been granted permission to compete outside of their exclusive deal. If the agreement stands and permission is not received, Aurelio's spot against Aoki could be yanked.

Shine Fights COO Jason Chambers said "I can confirm that we do have an exclusive deal with Marcus Aurelio. I want to be fair with our agreement; I want our fighters to be fair. Our agreements are exclusive, within that there is language that speaks to giving permission to fight in other organizations. So a fighter can fight somewhere else, as long as we give that approval."

"I can confirm that I have not given any approval for Marcus Aurelio to fight in Dream."

"There's definitely a possibility Marcus Aurelio fights in Dream. If you see him fight Sept. 10 in our pay-per-view, those chances are greatly improved."

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caposa site profile image  

9/7/10 3:40 PM by caposa

 interesting, because yesterday they said it was a NON exclusive contract   so basically, unless Aurelio agrees to still participate in their now unsanctioned, clusterfuck of a tournament, they are going to deny him the the chance of making likely MUCH more money, fighting for a MUCH bigger org than Shit Fights just another case of Shit Fights screwing fighters over, but i guess Aurelio should share some of the blame, he's the one who got mixed up with these circus promoters in the first place  

RKing85 site profile image  

9/7/10 2:49 PM by RKing85

I will never say no to a one night tournament, especially ones with good fighters in them.

EckY site profile image  

9/7/10 2:32 PM by EckY

I am all for new up and coming promotions, but I wish Shine would jsut hurry up and die. It is just bad news after bad news with these guys, they have brought nothing but problems to the table.

ohferfuxsakes site profile image  

9/7/10 1:50 PM by ohferfuxsakes  "The Virginia Professional Boxing and Wrestling Program’s decision not to issue Shine Fights a promoter’s license last Friday was based on the promotion’s inability to provide mandatory documents, including evidence of a surety bond to cover fighters’ purses, said Mary Broz-Vaughan, director of communications for the Dept. of Professional and Occupational Regulation."