Does Couture have one last title run left?

by Chad Dundas | source:

What now of Couture? The ageless wonder has won three straight fights in the Octagon and promotional president Dana White has confirmed he will send him back to the 205-pound division, where his drawing power is most needed. Some MMA writers seem convinced that the UFC is intent on Couture making "one last run at the title," and indeed this seems like an intriguing and financially lucrative possibility.

Only question is, does "The Natural" have it in him? For my money -- and believe me this hurts to admit - the cruel reality is no, he probably doesn't.

Keep in mind that the last time Couture fought a legitimate top 205-contender it was 2006 and he lost via second-round knockout to Chuck Liddell. Since then he's competed mostly at heavyweight while compiling a respectable 5-2 record. But Couture's last three wins have come against Toney, the 45-year-old Mark Coleman and perennial underachiever Brandon Vera; not exactly top competition.

You can't take anything away from Couture's accomplishments, the guys is unquestionably one of the greatest ever to strap on fingerless gloves. But to imagine that at this late stage in his career he could make any kind of sustained run through the current upper echelon of the light heavyweight division seems overly optimistic.

It's a good bet Couture could clean up a couple more wins against guys like Rich Franklin or Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, but then what? The UFC might be able to squeeze a couple of big money fights out of Couture, but aside from the aforementioned guys who are closer to his age, it's difficult to envision him being successful against true top dogs like Shogun Rua, Lyoto Machida or Rashad Evans. I also shudder to think what might happen if the UFC were to throw Couture in the cage with an up-and-coming young gun like Jon Jones.

The consummate competitor, if Couture is game for bouts against those youthful talents, you absolutely have to let him try it. Regardless of how hard to watch the results might be.

Promoting Couture from here on out will be a delicate give-and-take between what is promotable and what is possible. Now factor into the equation that delicacy is certainly not the UFC's strong suit, and I think the last year or so of Couture's career could be very interesting.

Almost more than anything, I hope he can prove me wrong.

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Recent Comments »

jjj2121 site profile image  

9/9/10 4:11 PM by jjj2121

Tito was saved by the bell at the end of the first round of the Machida fight, he was crucifixed getting pounded on with no way up.  Not to mention the huge knee in the third.  Machida was picking him apart and I like Tito.  

bryanand site profile image  

9/9/10 4:08 PM by bryanand

"Thats like saying Hong MAn gave Fedor a decent fight. He did much better then Sylvia and Zulu"No it's not you retard, try using Semmy Schilt instead as a comparison since he went the distance with Fedor.It's not like Machida did shit to Tito either, he ran away most of the fight and landed 1 knee. And like I said Randy at 50 is much better then Tito in every facet of MMA so I think it would be interesting.

CRBMoney14 site profile image  

9/9/10 3:36 PM by CRBMoney14

Still not a decent fight, he had zero offense apart from the triangle.Thats like saying Hong MAn gave Fedor a decent fight. He did much better then Sylvia and Zulu

Herring In A Fur Coat site profile image  

9/9/10 3:32 PM by Herring In A Fur Coat

 Tito gave Machida a much better fight than Rashad or Thiago.

CRBMoney14 site profile image  

9/9/10 3:31 PM by CRBMoney14

"Tito gave Machida a decent fight"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

mose site profile image  

9/9/10 2:34 PM by mose

I've loved watching Randy's career. It's been a fantastic ride.That being said, he gets gutted by fighters such as Machida, Rua, Rashad, Bones Jones, Little Nog, Bader, and Rampage. Just not happening at this point in his career. I don't think he looks good vs. Forrest either, though that is a much more intriguing fight than the above-mentioned beatings. If Hammill beats Tito, that could set up a decent little scrap.To me, Couture vs. Franklin, Couture vs. Wanderlei, Couture vs. Bisping are the types of fights the UFC should be looking at with Franklin being the best fit due to weight classes and Wanderlei just a fantastic choice for those in to the history of MMA.

rfterminator site profile image  

9/9/10 2:18 PM by rfterminator

Randy beats Rampage, yeah. NOT Machida, NOT Rua, NOT Rashad.

Brock75thRanger site profile image  

9/9/10 2:11 PM by Brock75thRanger

ninja beat him in every possible way,i beleive that was the fight rampage tried to hand the trophy to Ninja post fight because he was embarrassed by the decision.Ive never seen him put together 3 good fights in a row but hes coming off a loss so maybe he is due for a good outing

bryanand site profile image  

9/9/10 1:08 PM by bryanand

I could see Randy beating Thiago. Rampage..who knows..the dude is so up and down. I think Machida would be an interesting fight, Tito gave Machida a decent fight and Randy is a much better version of Tito even at 50. I don't see Randy having a chance against Shogun, Rashad or Bader though.

Wasa-B site profile image  

9/9/10 1:06 PM by Wasa-B

He could give Rampage a serious go.Rampage is dangerous and Randy is slowing down a bit and could get caught but Rampage has always had trouble with guys like: Lindland, Yoon Dong, Ninja, Rashad, Busta ..on top of getting murdered by Wand, Shogun...but Rampage when fighting strategically grapplers has trouble. Cant remember if Ninja's grappling or striking gave him trouble.If Dan used his greco and grappling better than banging it out, he could have done was a pretty competitive bout otherwise.Randy is the smartest, most strategic guy, i can see him beating Rampage.