Couture and Rutten comment on NY Legislator Reilly


Kenny Rice: Bob Reilly is a very vocal opponent. Next week, we’ll have part two talking about the financial implications as they have found in Europe, they’ve found in Australia and all over the U.S. practically except for New York that MMA and specifically the UFC can bring to a state and a community.”

Bas Rutten: “I think it’s crazy. I did a lot of research on the guy and he puts like for instance he says gambling, prostitution, live executions, and MMA, he puts them all in the same sentence, it’s almost like propaganda. If he starts repeating this to people the whole time, they’re going to see it as something violent. I have no clue. The purpose of MMA is to hurt somebody? Ask Mike Tyson what was the purpose for him in boxing, what he does. We always defend ourselves by something that’s really just an 8 count, that is the most dangerous thing there is. Think about it, you know you get hit, you go down, you’re wobbly, your brain is telling your body I don’t want to do it any more, no, no, no, no, no, people pay money yet to watch it. Let’s give you 10 seconds, you’re good to go? Can you see this finger? You see that? Go, go, go! And they go again, they’re going to get knocked down again. This is constantly going. That is brain damage. In Mixed Martial Arts, if you’re on top on somebody on mount and we all saw it, if three clean punches come through before the guy gets knocked out, they’re going to pull him off. They stop the fight. I don’t get it. All the punches are directed to the head in boxing but boxing is OK. Even worse, they say wrestling is OK, somebody else said pro-wrestling, that’s OK. I said pro-wrestling is OK? It’s a bad examples for kids, Mixed Martial Arts, but pro-wrestling is not a bad example? Kids think that is real! That’s why you see guys jumping out of the window on top of somebody else, that kid dies or breaks his back, how many times did we hear that? Kids thinks it’s real. I say cause-and-effect, that’s what you see in Mixed Martial Arts. You hurt somebody, well he goes down so let’s not do that not on the street. I think it’s actually a good example.”

Kenny Rice: “Randy, what do you think about listening to Mr. Reilly?”

Randy Couture: “Well, I just think it’s an uneducated view. He doesn’t understand our sport and I don’t think there’s anything violent about our sport. It’s a contact sport for sure and it’s not for everybody but it’s not about violence, it’s not… he’s obviously uneducated. He’s going back six years to citing PRIDE rules when PRIDE hasn’t existed for quite some time and certainly the rules for PRIDE were you a little more… contact-oriented when you could kick on the ground and a lot of those other things, but even that was relatively safe as combative sports go and sports in general so I think that, you know, we’ve got an education process in place here we’re trying to make these people see that we’re not crazy, we’re not dangerous, this is not violence, it’s a combative sport.”

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9/8/10 11:04 AM by Sprawl'n'Stall

Well Couture and Rutten are 100% right but when idiots in power have an agenda, it's hard to know it they're sincerely misled or have some vested interests (like stopping MMA in their state to get elected or protect naother rival industry). Either way it's quite an uphill battle to make them change their mind.And BTW...STOP THIS HUMAN COCKFIGHTING!!!