DirecTV won't offer Shine Fights

by Michael David Smith | source:

A day after we noted that DirecTV, alone among major carriers, had chosen to offer Friday night's Shine Fights pay-per-view card but not Saturday night's Shark Fights card, DirecTV has changed course. With Shine Fights' event moving from a sanctioned show in Virginia to an unsanctioned show on a tribal territory in Oklahoma, DirecTV decided not to offer Shine Fights anymore.

"We pulled it off the schedule given the possibility that the event may be canceled based on the last-minute venue change and we do not want to put our customers in the position having to get refunds," DirecTV said in a statement to

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Clint07 site profile image  

9/8/10 10:42 PM by Clint07

At this point, I think it will happen. There's noone really that can stop it and I don't think Shine will pull out without being able to blame anyone.

The Sundance Kid site profile image  

9/8/10 10:35 PM by The Sundance Kid

 Serioulsy, it's like leaving your kids with OMA. Something is bond to go wrong.

The Sundance Kid site profile image  

9/8/10 10:34 PM by The Sundance Kid

Seriously, I have no confidence that this show will go down, haven't for about 10 days now.  What signs point that they would? At this point, I just hope all the fighters get paid, if it happens or not. I also hope no one gets hurt and if someone were to get seriously hurt or even killed in fighting 41 minutes in an unsanctioned event(God Forbid) I hope some heads roll. Jose Cansaco vs. Danny Boniducie as a strikeforce headliner would be better for MMA as a whole than this bullshit.

jjj2121 site profile image  

9/8/10 10:31 PM by jjj2121

 I didn't think it would, but they seem to be all systems go and the commission can't shut them down.  If they are willing to lose a shit ton of money, it's going to happen.

The Sundance Kid site profile image  

9/8/10 10:29 PM by The Sundance Kid

Does this Card even go down? I seriously don't think so. I'm done playing make believe with these guys...

J A Yount site profile image  

9/8/10 10:21 PM by J A Yount

I was planning on purchasing. Guess I'll have to go to Wal-Mart and buy all of the Elite XC events on DVD instead.

frontrowbrian site profile image  

9/8/10 8:42 PM by frontrowbrian

 Shine just went from 250 buys to about 175 without directv 

Dawkins site profile image  

9/8/10 8:39 PM by Dawkins

MFC is friday and it's ten times the card Shine is. Even if it was on Directv, now that even Aurelio is off the card WTF would you be paying for? No main event and a C Level Grand Prix.

Legkick to the Head site profile image  

9/8/10 8:29 PM by Legkick to the Head

 look directly up

run and hide site profile image  

9/8/10 8:25 PM by run and hide

that sucks no shark fights