The Cole Miller manifesto

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It started off simply enough, with a question about the kind of difficulties Ross Pearson would present to him in their bout on Wednesday night in Austin, Texas. But as lightweight up and comer Cole Miller responded, he wasn’t only answering the question, he was making a declaration – of intent, of his philosophy on fighting, and of war.

“I think it’s this new method of sportfighting that all these guys are doing,” said the Georgia native. “I’m not doubting that he (Pearson) has striking talent; he has definitely improved since the show (The Ultimate Fighter) and his first fight in the UFC with Andre Winner, which I think plays into my game better. I do better with more technical guys. But the thing is, he’s getting all decisions, and his one stoppage was over Aaron Riley and it was a cut stoppage. He wants to score, then clinch, and score and clinch. I’m sure this guy’s got knockout power - he’s built like a tank - but it just doesn’t seem like he’s really down to put forth that type of commitment to ending a fight. I think this is bad for the sport, it’s bad for the UFC, and I think that this is why you’re gonna start seeing more guys that are athletic, who look like action figures, and that have wrestling backgrounds coming in because they don’t have to beat you. They just gotta score their points, score their takedowns, or score their strikes and stop your takedowns, and ride out that decision. Just wait for that minute and a half left and do what you gotta do to win that round and score with those judges. That’s how I see his striking being. It’s very good, but I just don’t see him putting any passion or emotion into the fight. It might be a sport to some people, but it’s not a sport to me.”

The best part is, the 26-year old meant every word he said. He wasn’t looking to smack talk anyone or looking to become bulletin board material for his fellow lightweights. He was opening up about something near and dear to him that he believes has drifted from its initial intent. And he doesn’t care who hears about it.

“The thing is, with my go for broke style, I’ll end up being the one who gets knocked out or TKO’ed because I know that these guys aren’t gonna try to fight me,” he continues. “It’s kinda foolish and I admit that, but I kinda go after these guys too hard. I know they’re not going to fight me to finish me. It’s called mixed martial arts, but none of these guys are using martial arts. Martial arts were made to put your opponent away, not to make him last for 15 minutes. The first part of martial arts is for you to defend yourself. The second is for you to eliminate your opponent. These guys aren’t eliminating anybody, and I just don’t get it. So I have to make up for that. I gotta come at these guys and take all these risks, which leaves me open to be countered.”

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Morgz site profile image  

9/14/10 10:43 AM by Morgz

 What the?  LOL. You may have had a bit of point before you jumped off the deep end there.  Pearson is awesome, and has a great future.  That said, he is no 155lb Wand.

Racer X site profile image  

9/14/10 10:36 AM by Racer X

" As our very distant, inbred cousins across the pond like to say..... Go Figure." As an American,I'd rather you not talk about Canadians that way.

Mix6APlix site profile image  

9/14/10 10:29 AM by Mix6APlix


bubbyDAhawk site profile image  

9/13/10 5:28 PM by bubbyDAhawk

this +1

GodSaveTheQueen site profile image  

9/13/10 5:19 PM by GodSaveTheQueen

How can he lump Pearson in there with all those boring wrestlers? Pearson was out for blood against Riley and Siver and in all of his TUF fights. He's like a 155lb Wanderlei Silva.

Mma_Dawg site profile image  

9/13/10 5:11 PM by Mma_Dawg

 GO Ninja GO Ninja GO!!!

A_Butler site profile image  

9/13/10 5:07 PM by A_Butler

I believe Cole can talk about whatever the f**k he wants. Especially the sport that he devotes every waking minute of his life to. And it's pretty laughable that some dude on an Internet forum is suggesting what someone like Cole should do with his time and training. You obviously know nothing about the guy, his work ethic, ability, or love for MMA. LAUGHING OUT FUCKING LOUD at you buddy. I believe after 20 pro fights, 7 of them being in the biggest organization in MMA, he's got all the right in the world to express his opinion about his sport.

biggator site profile image  

9/13/10 2:00 PM by biggator

 +1 war cole war ATT

Doomsday site profile image  

9/13/10 1:33 PM by Doomsday

Cole is very correct. I respect his approach very much. Thank you Cole, you make it worth watching!