Ricky Hatton caught in drug scandal

by James Weatherup, Neville Thurlbeck & Jane Atkinson | source: newsoftheworld.co.uk

boxing egend Ricky Hatton is caught on camera snorting cocaine in a shocking 10-hour drink and drugs binge.

A friend who witnessed the former world champ take SEVEN lines of coke in a Manchester hotel said: "If he carries on he'll kill himself. I'm really, really worried for him."

Boxing legend Ricky Hatton is filmed snorting line after line of illegal cocaine

These are the pictures that will rock the world of boxing - bloated former world champion Hatton snorting line after line of cocaine.

First the sporting legend casually takes out a wrap of the drug he has hidden in his SHOE.

Then he pours the white powder on to a table top before cutting it into three massive lines with a credit card. Finally he expertly hoovers them up his nose through a rolled up £20 note.

Ricky Hatton takes cocaine wrap from his shoe

The shameful images of 31-year-old national hero Ricky, nicknamed The Hitman for his ring victories, were captured at a Manchester hotel two weeks ago.

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BadRobot321 site profile image  

9/15/10 9:54 AM by BadRobot321

YES DRAGON! + a number that does not exist for it would be a waste of your lifetime to count so highAnd yes inf0 and SKAR, I'm sure TheBlast has taken Plenty of white lines to the face, just not the kind on topic in this thread.

fiercedragon site profile image  

9/15/10 8:45 AM by fiercedragon

i don't know if you realize it,but you just described NICK DIAZ...

JimmersonzGlove site profile image  

9/15/10 3:56 AM by JimmersonzGlove

 A rich famous dude does coke...breaking news at 10.

rowdyrooster site profile image  

9/15/10 3:41 AM by rowdyrooster

The boy just likes to party!

StretchPlum site profile image  

9/15/10 1:31 AM by StretchPlum

Thanks, man

MattBenwa site profile image  

9/15/10 1:27 AM by MattBenwa

VTFU - great post Stretch.

StretchPlum site profile image  

9/15/10 1:17 AM by StretchPlum

The cries of racism are utter wigger reflex BS. The situations between the two are so radically different it is not even rationally arguable.No one dumped on Guilliard BECAUSE he snorted coke, even though they dumped on him WHEN he snorted coke. People didn't like Guilliard because he tried to attack another fighter after a match, physically threatened that fighter outside of the cage, gave the finger during intros, etc. He was acting like a punk. So naturally he was dumped on more when he tested positive---with a urine sample from a fight, where he had just accused the other guy of taking drugs. That scenario doesn't have even a remote bearing on a boxer bothering no one and partying too much with no fight on the horizon. Not disrespecting anyone, not trying to attack anyone, not accusing anyone, not in the context of a match, etc.

Snarl Snatch site profile image  

9/15/10 1:15 AM by Snarl Snatch

Maybe he was the one saying "FILM THIS LOL" I know I've done that...I'd regret it later, but at the time...if I don't care if I'm gonna have to live with the comedown, I sure as shit don't care who knows I did it.Where's the pic of OMA?

Oddessa site profile image  

9/15/10 12:31 AM by Oddessa

 Wise old man told me 10 years ago....you cant trust anyone ....and  your enemies can never hurt you because u only tell ur friends .......and/or ur women ur secrets...this girl did him dirty...no favors if she wanted to help him..she woulda gave the tape to a lawyer and said Ricky.... go to rehab...clean up..or I'm going public...but its still fuked up and inexcusible to tape him...period honestly......in my youth..... in middle of an all nighter..with some perfect coca paranoia.....I'd like to think I mighta spotted that camera..b/c god knows i looked under every hotel bed..closet...smoke detector ...pizza box....light socket ...etc for cams and listening devices....after about 10 hrs in....but anyways...I guess the Hitman isnt the paranoid type when he is doin the shit...  ( you fellas who been there know what I'm talking about...) I mean what if he went in bathroom and snapped one off bc she wasnt putting out....imagine she woulda sold that vid  to some porn site...and then  he's humiliated and  in sex rehab like Tiger Woods... (flog the dolphin...) ...a lowlife ,money grubbing chic...  IMHO good nite...Long live the Hitman -Ricky Hatton Fan  (J.O.)  

SKARHEAD site profile image  

9/14/10 11:56 PM by SKARHEAD

OK you're full of shit, just be quiet...LOL @ not even knowing anything about the comedown.