Ninja turned down Sakuraba, wants big things

by Guilherme Cruz | source:

Pride veteran and former EliteXC champion, Murilo “Ninja” Rua turned 30 yars old in 2010, but he still does not have a home on MMA. Since Pride closed its doors, in 2007, the fighter fought in six different events, but could not reach a safe place, something he is has been trying to find for a long time. With four wins on the last 12 months, all by knockouts or submissions, Ninja hopes for new and good things for the year to come.

“There’re a lot of things happening related to Murilo. I’m trying to define his future in 2011”, said manager Eduardo Alonso, revealing that the main goal is to sign with a big event next year. “We’ve straightened a good way to go with good wins and now we wanted him to have the greatest challenge of his career, to find within himself the motivation to face those challenges ... “It came up a possibility for him to fight in Europe, Israel and Hawaii, but everything is just a speculation yet”.

Ninja got close to a fight n DREAM in April of 2009, but since it was pretty close to the fight between his brother Shogun against Lyoto Machida, he decided to cancel the bout. “There’s still the possibility of him coming back to Dream”, Alonso said. “They even said something about him fighting (Kazushi) Sakuraba, but they’re old friends, so it didn’t happen." he said. “We want Murilo on the United Stated in 2011, on a bigger event ..."

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d3vil0ck site profile image  

9/18/10 12:03 AM by d3vil0ck

hey eduardo, would it be possible for you to address the ninja brain damage rumors? he is one of my favorite fighters and it concerns the fans. i understand if you can't though. thanks

32Hunter site profile image  

9/17/10 11:39 PM by 32Hunter

 Yes. Ninja also absorbed one of my favorite beatdowns from Sergei. always hoping for good things for Ninja hope everything works out.  

fruhzs site profile image  

9/17/10 11:33 PM by fruhzs

Just for the record, I said those things in Portuguese and translation is not quite correct.I never said I wanted Ninja to have the greatest challenge of his career, I said I wanted him to have a "greater challenge in 2011, so he could motivate himself and see where he is at right now, no excuses"Thanks,Eduardo Alonso.

ChokeEmOut site profile image  

9/13/10 2:20 PM by ChokeEmOut

 Ninja has had some medical concerns recently from what I recall. I don't expect Fruhz to bring anything to light but perhaps he can at least state whether Ninja can be cleared to fight in the US soon? I for one have noticed that Ninja seems to have some issues, he seems to be wild and sluggish in his attacks and is left wide open for counters. I cringe and panic every time I see him fight now, he is 10x better than he has been able to show. His striking is just all over the place and if he could/would tighten it up liek Shogun has over theyears he could do real damage at MW. His BJJ is freaking sick and he is not easy to hold down and scrambles well. Just his striking and game planning needs work IMO.

studiocamp site profile image  

9/13/10 2:14 PM by studiocamp

It was because Ninja was in Pride first.

threestars35 site profile image  

9/13/10 2:07 PM by threestars35

I heard Breen is a drug addict

IrishRottie site profile image  

9/13/10 2:03 PM by IrishRottie

ninja vs arona/hendo/rampage. great fights.

Brock75thRanger site profile image  

9/13/10 1:37 PM by Brock75thRanger

idk if Shogun was ever Ninjas brother but ever since they have been in Pride i think Shogun was always known as the superior fighter

supersonic site profile image  

9/13/10 1:16 PM by supersonic

Ninja mean mugged Sak big time after the fight when he beat up Matsui good. Ever since then i wanted Sak to get him.

Foos site profile image  

9/13/10 1:13 PM by Foos

I must admit, the thought crossed my mind