Why Shine Fights is the UFC's biggest fear

by Josh Nason | source: bleacherreport.com

At the MMA Symposium in Boston  I attended during UFC 118, I asked VP of Regulatory Affairs Marc Ratner what he felt some of the threats to the UFC business were.

He mentioned that unsanctioned fights posed a major issue as any injuries or incidents that occurred at said "events" would paint a bad picture for the UFC as those uneducated in MMA associate the UFC with anything related to MMA.

Despite the bizarre circumstances surrounding Shine Fights' May event that continue to unfold and the even more bizarre circumstances that resulted in Friday's event being moved from Virginia to a Native American reservation in Oklahoma, I was willing to give the organization a chance to prove the critics wrong.

Too bad they failed and almost got people seriously injured in the process.

So why does the UFC fear Shine Fights?

Because of the safety concerns. Promotions like this which attempt to play with the big boys but do so on a shoestring budget when it comes to safety hurt the overall product and provide more negatives than positives.

Imagine if Gugerty fell on his head and was severely injured. Would the mainstream have said, "Oh, that's a different organization. That wouldn't have happened in UFC."? No. The critics would have used that to indemnify a sport they already hate. It's politics: any bit of negative press helps their cause.

I guess it's no mystery why the Oklahoma State Athletic Commission had "major concerns" about the event but couldn't do anything about it because of the location.

Between the evasive maneuvers this past week and the continued fallout from the canceled North Carolina event, Shine Fights has had quite the 2010.

Here's hoping if they ever attempt another show, they'll think of their fighters' health first. If they don't, it's better for the industry if they simply disappear.

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OMA (tm) site profile image  

9/14/10 3:57 PM by OMA (tm)

Hump, Im a pretty big wheel down at the Shine factory!!!! You might want to re-think that calling business of yours!!!

Brycer site profile image  

9/14/10 3:46 PM by Brycer

Honestly, whether is was sanctioned or not is irrelevent. It's not like they didnt have doctors or some shit..But that fucking ring needs to be fixed or GTFO

OMA (tm) site profile image  

9/14/10 3:24 PM by OMA (tm)

 Hump will call...I believe in him!!!

Amashinga site profile image  

9/14/10 12:39 PM by Amashinga

Yes, because ignoring the state athletic comission and moving the event to a reservation so it does not need sanctioning and you dont have to put up a surety bond for the fighters purses and not paying people their wages and having an unsafe environment for the fighters is really helping the sport. With organizations like this we will be back to the good old days of "real" mma in no time at all.

humphrey sphinctermuscle site profile image  

9/14/10 8:14 AM by humphrey sphinctermuscle

There isn't a single reason why I would ever need to call OMA. Christ he was asking me for advice about taking the job with them in the first place, and when I told him it's a joke of a promotion I told him he should still take it to get his foot in the door doing commentary if that's what he wanted. nobody covered the event in the first place, mainly because virtually nobody saw it. and those who did, were graced by indian drum dances, ring failures, logistic disasters and 7 minute video failures during the fights ROFL. OMA knows next to nothing about what happened, he was asking me for details. so why the fuck would i need to call him? ROFL. Sports illustrated loves shine too. This much! Shine is an embarrassment to the sport 

jjj2121 site profile image  

9/14/10 8:05 AM by jjj2121

Crickets...as in no noise?  All has gone quiet?  Like that thread about Shine a couple weeks ago that mysteriously disappeared after you showed up?  Cacareco, Heath, Azeredo, George, Stapel...off the top of my head.  All of the fighters got taken care of right?  OMA posting his number sure is funny isn't it?  Remember when you gave the NC fighters and managers your number and none of them could get ahold of you or Devin?  It was like they would call and call and call and...........................   *crickets* If YOU want to make a difference with Shine, it's simple...call the fucking color analyst who doesn't have a say in anything, and by his own admission hasn't even met the people in charge...makes perfect sense to me. I think the UFC should bring back Todd Duffee and it sucks that they cut him, I would like to do something about it.  I think I'm going to call Joe Rogan and get shit done.    

donniejessup site profile image  

9/14/10 5:48 AM by donniejessup

i feel like OMA has gone legit in a way. it's weird, he seems sincere here.the trolls like homo sapient and sans lubricant who are saying jj or humph are tucking, they are wrong. it serves no purpose for them to talk to OMA. he doesn't have any additional info.I do have to admit I would call OMA just of curiosity and/or entertainment however!

OMA (tm) site profile image  

9/14/10 4:54 AM by OMA (tm)

 What state? So I can explain what fighter I am talking about? Or PM me a name!!!

RockForLight site profile image  

9/14/10 4:48 AM by RockForLight

Ok. Thanks. Ill talk to you tomorrow.