Jardine suspended for shoving official

by Ken Pisha | source: mmaweekly.com

When things just can’t seem to get any worse, somehow life always seems to find a way to knock you just a little further down before you finally get back up. At least, that’s often times how it seems, and it must feel that way right now for Keith Jardine.

Not only did he suffer his fifth straight loss at Saturday night’s Shark Fights 13, Jardine was also indefinitely suspended by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation for “sportsmanship.”

“What happened, when Keith got through the crowd area, he was stopped and somebody was pulling on his shirt, out of reaction Keith pushed the guy to get him off and it happened to be (a Texas official),” explained John Madrid, Jardine’s manager.

Sounds simple enough, but the problem really started just prior to that when there was no escort from the backstage area out to the cage.

“There were no commission people or any security or anything to escort Keith out to the cage, and the TV guys are saying we gotta go. The crowd was really tight knit walking out, people reaching over the barriers grabbing at him and wanting to touch him,” Madrid recounted.

“He's standing there ... he's being grabbed, he turns around in instinct and pushes the guy back, thinking its an over aggressive fan, but it happens to be (a Texas official).

“He's very apologetic to that. (But) the only part that the commission saw was Keith pushing the commission guy.”

Madrid says he tried to explain the context of the situation to commission officials, but “they would have none of it.” They suspended Jardine on fight night, telling Madrid that it was indefinite until a hearing could be held.

Madrid then attempted to gain contact information so that he could stay on top of the situation as it developed, but says he was told by officials that “they would be in contact.”

Greg Alvarez, Assistant Combative Sports Program Manager for Texas, basically concurred with Madrid’s recap of the situation, telling MMAWeekly.com that Jardine was suspended because “he pushed one of my referees.”

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Kevin bacon site profile image  

9/16/10 5:26 AM by Kevin bacon

you're pathetic

BillyRayChubbs site profile image  

9/15/10 3:10 PM by BillyRayChubbs

 THAT was the push? OMFG, what a little bitch!!! He didn't even push the guy!!! It was a little "Get Away From Me" type of shrug.... They are just looking to abuse power or something...

jacktripper site profile image  

9/15/10 3:05 PM by jacktripper

"Is it normal for the ref to start undressing the fighter?"if you replace fighter with ug'er and ref with homeless guy in alley then based on personal experience id say yes

truewrestler site profile image  

9/15/10 10:56 AM by truewrestler

Looked to me like he was just annoyed by the official trying to rush him. Dude is trying to come to ring and get prepared mentally then the official starts to undress him. When his hand is slapped away and Jardine looks at him it seems like the official tells him to take his shirt off annoying Jardine further. Is it normal for the ref to start undressing the fighter? If this is a good description of went down (Jardine just annoyed with the official) then he should definitely be fined.

Fake Pie site profile image  

9/15/10 10:25 AM by Fake Pie

"Madrid then attempted to gain contact information so that he could stay on top of the situation as it developed, but says he was told by officials that "they would be in contact.""I too have found it completely impossible to get a hold of anyone at the TDLR.

clattymine site profile image  

9/15/10 10:21 AM by clattymine

 Slapping the ref's hands away ... No punishment necessary. Taking a few seconds, to turn away, then turn back and push the ref ... Yeah, stop being a dick.  Hopefully he'll be suspended if only for a little while.  It's deserved but it shouldn't be more than like 90 days.

joe k site profile image  

9/15/10 9:21 AM by joe k

Yeah he must be legally blind.

Machara site profile image  

9/15/10 8:07 AM by Machara

You can see the frustration in Jardine's face when the ref from the side was groping his chest. Looks like it was an honest mistake.

powerstrike site profile image  

9/15/10 2:46 AM by powerstrike

guys just walk up to other guys and tug at their shirts deep in the heart of texas

stlnl2 site profile image  

9/15/10 2:27 AM by stlnl2

So, Texas has shitty security and standards for an event, and then gets pissy when a guy in the dark gets a mild shove? What's even better is, the commission isnt in any way dedicated at all to combat sports as it appears to cover a ton of things, so he may have to wait months to get his hearing.