Huerta: 'I believe the case is closed'

by Ariel Helwani | source:

"Man, it was very weird for me," Huerta said on Monday's episode of The MMA Hour. "Really strange. To be honest, I didn't want to go [to TMZ], but everybody was, like, 'Maybe you should. You have nothing to hide.' Well, I don't. So it kind of happened like that. But at the same it was very, very weird, man."

"I was really thankful, to be honest. It could have gone either way, I guess, but then again, if you look at things correctly, you don't do that. You don't fully cloak a girl behind the head, and especially if you're three times the size of her, and they say he was, like, an NFL player. They say he could have potentially killed the girl."

"I believe the case is closed. The guy never came forward or pressed any charges, and it kinda is left at that."

"I think TMZ," Huerta replied when asked if he thinks he will remembered more for the SI cover of his TMZ fame. "Everybody watches that, I guess, huh? I don't know, man. I've always wanted to be recognized for me. That's what I do in the ring as a performer. You know, just trying to be one of the best fighters in the world. Hopefully, that ends up taking over instead of all this other stuff."

"It happened. Would have I done it again if I saw the same thing? Of course. I never expected for any of this to come out the way it came out. I'm no hero, man. I just feel like I did the right thing."

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ABE FROMAN site profile image  

9/22/10 6:55 PM by ABE FROMAN

Seconded. This kind of travesty has to stop.  

jdb2414 site profile image  

9/22/10 6:50 PM by jdb2414

Here's a response from a website regarding the "tranny" story (from was there and saw the whole thing. the girl was NOT a tranny. There was many fights going on when another one was about to start when the girl turned toward bobino telling him to stop the altercation that was about to go down with another guy. when bobino swung and knocked her right out. she fell back when she got up blood was dripping down her right eye and she didnt know what was going on. thats when everyone started screaming he hit a girl. roger huerta stepped in yelling all that mess. bobino then swung first at roger and missed then. thats when roger swung.. bobino fell to the the end bobino was wrong for what he did.

Fake Rassler site profile image  

9/22/10 6:12 PM by Fake Rassler

Huerta not to be challenged with felony assault was +150 some places

JFA1 site profile image  

9/22/10 6:01 PM by JFA1

Huerta did the right thing. Good for him

PTM2020 site profile image  

9/22/10 5:41 PM by PTM2020


jacktripper site profile image  

9/22/10 3:24 PM by jacktripper

^^dude has issues

Shanks site profile image  

9/21/10 2:15 PM by Shanks

I bet he thought Huerta was one of it's little gay friends, especially since Roger called it a woman.Rashad's thought process:Going to knock out a little fagit . . . BRB.

Shanks site profile image  

9/21/10 2:13 PM by Shanks

Nope. I'm just the guy that points out the lack of reading comprehension skills on the UG.

Legend of Lee Murray site profile image  

9/21/10 11:15 AM by Legend of Lee Murray


yomamafool site profile image  

9/21/10 11:10 AM by yomamafool

Rashad doesnt have to press charges. the city can do that