Cole Miller hands Ross Pearson first loss


Cole Miller had a tall task before him at UFC Fight Night 22 on Wednesday night, despite having a height and reach advantage over his opponent, Ross Pearson.

Like Miller, Pearson emerged in the Octagon from “The Ultimate Fighter,” though Pearson won his season, and has since racked up two more UFC victories. Miller has been solid, but has also stumbled twice in the Octagon.

Not so in Austin, Texas.

Miller weathered a difficult first round, going toe-to-toe with Pearson, who is widely considered a much better technical striker than the American Top Teamer.

It was round two, however, where Miller’s patience paid off. Pearson went right back to working on Miller’s lead leg with low kicks, like he did early in the opening round, but Miller finally found the opening to utilize his reach, rocking Pearson with a couple right hands that sent the Brit staggering back to the cage. Miller followed up with a left hook, right cross combination that put Pearson on the mat, then immediately finished him off with a rear naked choke.

Point, set, match.

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NoGi bear site profile image  

9/16/10 2:00 AM by NoGi bear

We shall prevail

Chimonos Revenge site profile image  

9/15/10 9:52 PM by Chimonos Revenge

Its not hate for the UK. Its hate for the UK Top Troll team.They make the entire UG hate every british fighter because of their bullshit nuthuggery/trolltastic posts.

Chimonos Revenge site profile image  

9/15/10 9:50 PM by Chimonos Revenge

Your sentence is full of fail.

Poindexter site profile image  

9/15/10 9:40 PM by Poindexter

 Fuck yes. I actually liked Pearson until these UK Trolls wouldn't shut the fuck up about each and every UK fighter and giving endless excuses for their losses.

A_Butler site profile image  

9/15/10 9:16 PM by A_Butler

Lolololol at you tards. Cole's got skills and he's only getting better.

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9/15/10 8:51 PM by thirdleg


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9/15/10 8:47 PM by RaepChoke


beast66 site profile image  

9/15/10 8:44 PM by beast66

They have all been nothing but loud mouths on here lately bashing everyone. I actually like Pearson he does not seem to be a loud mouth like Hardy and the rest of the UKTT. Congrats to Miller!!

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9/15/10 8:43 PM by Hate420


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9/15/10 8:43 PM by bubbyDAhawk

fuuuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkk yeeeeeeeehhhhhh