BJM explains 'let's get it on'


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Rib Crusher site profile image  

9/16/10 11:05 PM by Rib Crusher

how the fuck do you get that?the gov is all a bunch of faggots.but basically from what i remember bjm got a gig commentating or was on some mma showthen talked bad about the NSACthen he went back to reffingnsac is still, if he wanted to be a ref he should have kept his mouth shut and not burn bridgesnow he cannot ref in the state with the most mma eventsnow how is that liberal? take you fox news to people who watch news.i watch mma and the 4 finger club

USAF Imagery Analyst site profile image  

9/16/10 10:34 PM by USAF Imagery Analyst

No video due to government computer...but I remember him explaining "Let's get it on" during his third or fourth (somewhere in there) event.

Kr0ndogg site profile image  

9/16/10 10:03 PM by Kr0ndogg

Who cares? He jumped ship, the ship sank, and now he wants back in. Sowwy.

EVILYOSHIDA site profile image  

9/16/10 9:59 PM by EVILYOSHIDA

big john was bad back in the day.. but over time you really appreciate how much of an icon he is to the ufc.people who were not around back in 93/94 when the ufc first started do not understand how excited we were when we first heard "let's get it on" and watched the most realistic portrayal of fighting ever in a pro setting

strykr619 site profile image  

9/16/10 9:39 PM by strykr619

For speaking the truth? LOL you must be a liberal. 

PR site profile image  

9/16/10 9:32 PM by PR

why cant he ref in NV?

Rib Crusher site profile image  

9/16/10 9:29 PM by Rib Crusher

he should have kept his mouth shut

crowbar site profile image  

9/16/10 9:00 PM by crowbar

 John still refs UFC shows.He just doesn`t get to ref in the state of Nevada.

osiriss site profile image  

9/16/10 8:48 PM by osiriss

I gotta say. It is a shame we don't get to see this man in the UFC anymore. Best ref in the biz by a long shot.

strykr619 site profile image  

9/16/10 7:34 PM by strykr619

 Fuck the NSAC for not getting BJM to ref more fights in vegas.... BJM is one of the icon's of MMA.