'Mayhem' wants to be the first to submit Sakuraba

source: bloodyelbow.com


"I've worked my whole life to make my style the same as Sakuraba's. I think I maybe I can be the first man to submit Sakuraba. I think I have the skills, and I hope to prove it"

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CompanyBlue site profile image  

9/19/10 4:13 AM by CompanyBlue

anybody who thinks Sak "should" run over Mayhem should watch his fight with Ralek. He looks like shit against a rookie.

Soup and Beer site profile image  

9/18/10 11:07 AM by Soup and Beer

Actually it would be something.  Admittidly, Sakuraba has taken too many licks and is a bit punch drunk, but that doesn't diminish your ability to apply or escape submissions.  

Gorgeous site profile image  

9/18/10 10:41 AM by Gorgeous

 The Japanese subtitles are particularly useful.

BuddyRevell site profile image  

9/18/10 10:27 AM by BuddyRevell

Kimo via Fierce Fighting, the BEST fighting!! AAAAAAAHHHHH!!! Let' train!!

CompanyBlue site profile image  

9/18/10 2:34 AM by CompanyBlue

Miller should retire if he loses to Sakuraba. If Ralek can beat Sak Miller should definitely win and dominate. GO SAK!

StretchPlum site profile image  

9/17/10 10:14 PM by StretchPlum

Mayhem is a buffoon. Stockboy in a grocery store in a few years.

William Colosimo site profile image  

9/17/10 9:38 PM by William Colosimo

don't feel bad, he actually WAS sick before that fight (the flu or some shit)

ArtWanderlei site profile image  

9/17/10 9:12 PM by ArtWanderlei

 I think he means he wants to be the only one who is still alive to tap him. 

Einar site profile image  

9/17/10 9:09 PM by Einar

This. I fear for sak whenever he fights nowadays.

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

9/17/10 8:15 PM by ranier wolfcastle

 i hope its an endless submission scrambling match like newton/sak. i dont wanna see sack taking lots of blows to the head anymore


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