Vitor not expecting title shot with Okami win

by Ray Hui | source:

Belfort was targeted to challenge Anderson Silva for the middleweight title on three separate dates earlier this year, but still is not certain a win over Yushin Okami at UFC 122 will lead to an immediate shot versus the champ.

"You know what I'm expecting? I'm expect Jesus, bro, every day. I'm expecting Jesus to come into my life and choose my path. Whatever out there is good for me," Belfort told Ariel Helwani Thursday on The MMA Hour. "For sure, I want the title but the decision doesn't belong to me. I've been there. I won the title when I was 19 years old. I won in a different division in 2004. I've accomplished so many things in my career.I don't let titles and positions and fame overcome my life and take over me."

"In life you always have two choices to make. You either live bitter, angry or you live in a happy life, you enjoy it. So I try to always see a positive on that. So whatever is what's the best. I'm not disappointed. I have to take it.

"I just have to learn how to take things in my life because so many things happen in my life that wasn't the way that was supposed to be. But I just learn a lesson. You just have to see things in a different perspective."

"We work for the UFC and whatever is the best for them. For sure I would like to fight in the U.S. but it's a joy to go outside of the country and fight in front of fans. They hardly get to see the fights live."

"I'm fighting for joy. For me to perform well, I need to be happy. "I need to enjoy working with the people that I'm working with. And that's what I'm concerned after this fight. I want to be happy to go back again in the gym, to train, to learn and to perform well for the fans, the UFC and everybody around the world watching. That's what I'm concerned and that's what I'm worried about. The title is just a consequence."

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GaGas Soldier site profile image  

9/17/10 5:23 PM by GaGas Soldier

cork it cracker

Mark Hunter site profile image  

9/17/10 5:16 PM by Mark Hunter

I laughed.

kungfugrip site profile image  

9/17/10 4:25 PM by kungfugrip

has he fought at 185 in the ufc yet? Fought franklin at 195(?). WHen was his last ufc fight? Seems like forever ago

Deaf Forever site profile image  

9/17/10 4:16 PM by Deaf Forever

None of that will matter since Okami will grind him for 15 minutes.

Mix6APlix site profile image  

9/17/10 1:03 PM by Mix6APlix

Good for Vitor to be psychologically prepared not to get a title shot if he beats Okami. Then he certainly wont be heartbroken when he doesnt get a title shot after Okami grinds out a dec. victory.

The Know it all site profile image  

9/17/10 1:02 PM by The Know it all

Excuse my ignorance, I shouldn't have said that. I'v been turned off Jesus by listening to Joe Rogan podcasts. Roganism is the future though.

EveryDayNormalGuy site profile image  

9/17/10 12:59 PM by EveryDayNormalGuy

Bonesaw- We only made it to Saturday, my buddy and I just got pics with Bas so we were pumped. It was the end of the day and we were planning on leaving, walking by the rvca booth we saw Vitor eating a sandwich or a burrito (the whole day my boy wanted to get his pic and auto), no one was around we approached the booth and were stopped by his rvca goons "no more autos or pics." I replied "I got a fucking rvca shirt on and we flew from Seattle." they just turned us away. I know He saw us and how pumped we were and just looked the other way. Go eat your sandwich somewhere else if you don't want people to approach you at a *FAN* expo.

B0NESAW site profile image  

9/17/10 12:42 PM by B0NESAW

What did he do to give you that impression. I didn't meet Vitor at the expo but heard a few people say he would only sign/take pictures with fans if they bought something from his booth first. Not sure if that was true or not

EveryDayNormalGuy site profile image  

9/17/10 12:33 PM by EveryDayNormalGuy

From my experience at the 118 fan expo Vitor doesn't care about fans. Lost a couple

ArtWanderlei site profile image  

9/17/10 12:33 PM by ArtWanderlei

 he has Rickson syndrome.  Trying to sound all deep and whatnot but just sounding dumb.