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Move over Mike Swick, and take that "Swickotine" with you.

A cast member of the original season of "The Ultimate Fighter," Swick hasn't used his cleverly titled submission hold since 2006.

Meanwhile, "The Ultimate Fighter 12" cast member Cody McKenzie has utilized his modified guillotine choke (which he's aptly dubbed the "McKenzietine") to earn victory in his past nine official contests, and every finish has come in the very first round.

"I've got caught tons of guys in it," McKenzie told ( "I'm hoping to catch Georges St-Pierre in it before the season's over.

"It's an angle thing. [In a traditional guillotine], you're missing an artery. When I push up, you're hitting both arteries. There's no room."

Growing up, McKenzie didn't appear to be heading toward a career in professional fighting. The Alaska native took a little judo and wrestled for a spell, but sports didn't really appeal to him right away. Instead, McKenzie spent more time trapping, fishing and hunting both in Alaska and during his time down south in the Pacific Northwest.

Of course, that didn't mean he was totally immune to the fight game during his formative years.

"I have an older brother who's a lot bigger than me, and I've always fought with him, and his friends always beat me up," McKenzie admitted. "I was in plenty of fights, and growing up in a small fishing community in Alaska, there's not much to do in a place like that other than drink and fight, so I saw a lot of that growing up.

"It would be a big old circle of kids, and they would throw two pairs of 16-ounce gloves in the middle, and two people would walk in the middle, glove up, and bang-bang-bang-bang."

But once McKenzie caught a glimpse of the UFC on TV, his life's direction was changed forever .

"I watched it on TV my sophomore year of high school," McKenzie said. "From then on out, I knew what I wanted to do. Right when I first watched it, it clicked for me, and I knew I wanted to become a professional fighter.

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maopitbull site profile image  

10/22/10 9:08 AM by maopitbull

this video of Cody's choke looks pretty accurate, what ya think?

macman1000 site profile image  

10/22/10 5:43 AM by macman1000

Forum member(idiot) "SociallyPublish" is a VERY big fan of Cody.

RickRude site profile image  

10/22/10 5:41 AM by RickRude

yeah I best Cody knows all about Matanuska Thunderf-ck...I thought he was gonna suck but he's lookin nasty right now...

SikRick site profile image  

10/22/10 5:32 AM by SikRick

Stevens should have read my last 5 sentences up there^^^   

FitchFan site profile image  

10/21/10 10:47 PM by FitchFan

There is a clear lack of gifs of Cody throwing guys off him after they go to sleep - blue namers need to get on this stat!

Bravo1 site profile image  

10/21/10 3:18 PM by Bravo1

when Kos kept saying how he would LOVE to train with him and how he wanted to get his hands on himI was REALLY hoping cody would say- "its sounds like you want to fuck me"it was pretty gay

Winston Wolf site profile image  

10/21/10 1:16 PM by Winston Wolf

all aboard Part about him that impressed me the most is how he refuses to back down to Koscheck in any way.So far my favorite on the show this year

okiebug site profile image  

10/21/10 12:24 PM by okiebug

An MMA fighter with a finisher. I say more power to him. He is a pioneer.

IronMonkey site profile image  

10/21/10 12:23 PM by IronMonkey

Thanks Pariah. Very nice variation.

Vivier site profile image  

10/21/10 12:21 PM by Vivier

"Wow."-Nam Phan