Escudero comments on what went wrong in bout

by Duane Finley | source:

“Everything was going perfect in the locker room. We were ready, we did everything we had to do, my mind, everything was set but I don't know. When we stepped into the octagon I didn’t throw. I could see some opportunities to unload but my body just didn’t want to throw.”

In the second and third rounds of the fight Escudero seemed to be thrown off by the frantic movements and rapid fire striking displayed by Oliveira. When asked if Oliveira’s amount of activity on his feet surprised him he replied…

“I haven’t watched the tape yet, I haven’t seen the fight but no, he didn’t really surprise me. I knew he was going to come out swinging and that's exactly what he did. He didn’t surprise me. He stood in there and I knew when I threw he was going to block up high and my game plan was to go out there and make him react to my punches, work on the body and when I saw those openings I just couldn’t let it go. I don’t know what happened.”

As the fight drew near Escudero knew he was going to be close on making the weight limit. After his official weigh-in he missed the mark by three pounds resulting in a fine that awarded 20% of his fight purse to his opponent. When asked if the disappointment of coming in over the weight limit played a role in the fight he responded…

“I don’t want to take anything away from him. Really…yeah, Oliveira came in and did what he had to do, but yeah, I had a little bit of a mental setback from the weight cut and stuff because my body just stopped sweating and what not. But I should have cleared that out before I stepped into the Octagon. Now, I can say this... That’s my last loss for a long time and I want everybody to quote my words because I’m injury free, I’m back in the gym tomorrow and I’m only gonna get better and I’m only gonna get faster and stronger. Right now, there is a big, big fire under me."

With the final round crossing the half way point the action took a turn as Escudero’s leg kick was caught and Oliveira used their momentum and the cage for a strong takedown. As Escudero scrambled to get up he still had a hold of Olveira’s right leg and the Brazilian wrapped his free leg around and took Escudero’s back. Oliveira was never able to get his arm fully under Efrain’s chin but he still forced the tap. When asked to describe the submission Escudero said…

“When he took my back my mouth was open and he ripped where my gums are. It tore all inside there so when he got that choke he was mostly just cranking on my jaw really hard. You know, usually I wouldn’t tap to those things but it was only getting tighter and tighter.”

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Wasa-B site profile image  

9/17/10 2:19 PM by Wasa-B

I like Efrain and its cool to get a fighter's insight but he didnt quit, Oliveira was just better than him.Efrain is still improving and will be back.Oliveira, as Rogan put it though, is the real deal.Athletic and technical standup. Killer BJJ. Killer combo.

Pedro Carrasco site profile image  

9/17/10 12:17 PM by Pedro Carrasco


TheVileOne site profile image  

9/17/10 2:27 AM by TheVileOne

Why did he fail to make weight?

AnthonyMMA site profile image  

9/17/10 1:29 AM by AnthonyMMA

Efrain quit in that fight.

brahmabull81 site profile image  

9/17/10 1:26 AM by brahmabull81

To be fair to Efrain, he was starting to find his range at times and was looking good with his counter striking in the second. While watching i assumed he was having a slow start, so it makes sense that he "wasnt firing on all cylinders."Still, let him fight untelevised to get his swagger back. Maybe its the pressure.

jjj2121 site profile image  

9/17/10 12:17 AM by jjj2121

 It was a strange performance.  He obviously planned to keep it standing and outbox do Bronx.  Once Oliviera was getting the better of the standup, there was no plan B.  I would have liked to see a takedown near the cage with some GnP...he was landing nice elbows at the end of the first.   Also seemed like he was loading up for the haymaker KO a lot of the fight.  Oliviera was covered up very well.

Sex Chicken site profile image  

9/17/10 12:16 AM by Sex Chicken

If Efrain is ever in Toronto. Please PM me I would love to have you come in to speak to my wrestling team.

Sex Chicken site profile image  

9/17/10 12:15 AM by Sex Chicken

I love watching Efrain fight. All the best.

Pedro Carrasco site profile image  

9/17/10 12:07 AM by Pedro Carrasco

 In between rounds Escudero’s corner was attempting to adjust the game plan and when Efrain was asked what in fact his corner was instructing him to do he said… “My corner man was asking me "hey when are you gonna wake up... wake up? We gotta go,” but every time I did try to do something, things just weren’t going my way.” When a game plan works to the best of its ability it is a combination of training, planning and precision in the cage. With the troubles Escudero experienced with first making weight and then finding his opportunities in the cage he was asked if he had any regrets looking back on his camp to which he replied… “No regrets on my preparation. I just have to go out there and make sure to not bring it home with me. Yesterday I couldn’t sleep all night. I knew I was physically stronger and I knew this guy’s jiu-jitsu wasn’t as good as everyone was making it out to be. But you know that saying…don’t bring it home with you…that leave it all in the cage mentality? I didn’t do what I was supposed to do yesterday and I am bringing that feeling home with me.” The most successful fighters have been quoted as saying that they grew more in defeat than they ever did after getting their hand raised. When asked what lessons he has learned in the immediate aftermath of the fight he answered strongly… “Win or lose, when I’m in there, for me I have to believe in myself. I have to believe in my coaches. I have to believe that my boxing, wrestling and jiu-jitsu are 10 times better than any of my opponents. I was being too friendly to him, I was being too nice. I’m done being nice to my opponents. Yeah we are cool, but its a fight and I will try to hurt every opponent from now on.” For a young fighter in the early stages of his career Escudero has a passionate fan base that support him throughout. As the interview came to a close Escudero took the final moments to deliver a passionate message to his fans as he said… “I want to thank everyone. My real fans that are out there…I saw a lot of weird messages on twitter, so for all the fans who have been supporting me and are with me I want to say thanks and for those who have something to say then............(long pause) nah, you know what, Ill just leave it at that. I just want to thank my fans, friends, my teammates my coaches and that’s pretty much it.”