Razor Rob talks candidly about life and his career

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Cage Potato: First off, Rob, thanks for taking the time to talk today and congratulations on your win Saturday night.

Rob McCullough: My pleasure, man, and thank you.

CP: How did you feel about your performance in the fight?

RM: I was upset, after the fact, just because I wanted to finish the fight. I was like, “Aw, man.” He was awkward. Being that tall, the range was a little weird to adjust to, to be honest. I was mad at myself and everyone was like, “You won, man. Why are you upset? You’re being ridiculous.” I wanted to finish him and I couldn’t put him away. Whatever. I’ll finish the next one.

CP: Did it talk a little longer to get into a rhythm because you were trying to find your range?

RM: Yeah. Trying to find my rhythm and letting my hands go was the problem. He’s like 6’ 4”. It seemed like he was like 10 feet away. I kept kicking him and I was like, “He’s barely checking [my kicks] so I’m just going to kick that leg off.

It seemed that way. It kind of looked like you were maybe attacking his leg. Was that part of the game plan, to go after his weak leg?

RM: Not necessarily his weak leg, but if you’ve watched any of my fights, that’s my one go-to move. I almost think that it’s unfair sometimes ‘cos I seem to always get that one leg kick. Once I realized that leg was there for the taking and he wasn’t really defending it, I just went at it.

CP: Some people looked at that bout when it was announced as being a fight that was a los-lose situation for you since you didn’t have a lot to gain by beating a guy with a 4-3 record and who hasn’t really beaten anyone of note. Did you have any reservations about taking the fight and did you take time to consider your other options before agreeing to it?

RM: I just looked at it like, “Hey, I want to fight.” The promoters [from Tachi Palace Fights] said they could push me off to a December card, and I was like, “Nah, I’m in shape, let’s get it going. I had called out Gabe Ruediger. He was the champion at the time and I said, “Hey, let’s do that.” Then the UFC pulled Gabe up to fight Joe Lauzon, so I lost that fight. They offered me Corey Hill as a replacement fight. My management, MMA Agents said "Let’s put that fight together and get you some work," so we did.

CP: You mentioned Gabe making it back to the UFC after stringing together an impressive run of wins. What’s your goal at this point? Is it to get back to the WEC or the UFC or is it just to keep fighting and let things figure themselves out?

RM: I recently had a child. I have a little boy who’s six months old. I‘ve gotten married. I’m sober nowadays. I don’t drink anymore or go out partying with the guys after the gym. So my goals and priorities have definitely changed. I’m definitely a new sharpened “Razor” Rob. I get up early and I get my stuff done. I get to the gym every day to hone the skills that I realized that I’ve spent my whole life doing, having fun and joking around with it. Now it’s serious and I realize that’s how I pay the bills. The window of opportunity is closing, so at this point I want to get in as many fights as I can and try to get into the top 10 at 155. We’re looking at December for my next fight and it will likely be with a major organization.

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Good interview. Rob's a nice guy.

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 Doesn't help his cause that Darabedyan has lost 3 straight since beating Rob.

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