Manager comments on Shogun's recovery

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In reponse to these questions from forum member Khabeer Rockley:

1. How is Shogun's recovery going after the surgey?

2. What's Shogun's p4p list, now that Fedor has a loss?

3. Does his club UDL corss train with the Chute Boxe guys, or just train mainly with themselves?

From:  fruhzs
Posted: 4 minutes ago
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Actually I feel like a regular guy here, because I started here looong ago, way before I thought I would be a manager, and have so much respect for Kirik and all the old members from the site, that this never occurred to me. Feels strange to do a Q & A here! lol
But I certainly could do it.

1- His recovery is going great. On schedule, as it should be. Following all the docs says.

2- That's a tough question. But I would presume it's still Fedor, Anderson, GSP and a few others. Need to ask him this again, it has been ages since we last talked about it.

3- Just trains with ourselves. Sometimes people from other gyms come, but never from CB.

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Khabeer Rockley site profile image  

1/14/11 4:45 AM by Khabeer Rockley


Khabeer Rockley site profile image  

1/13/11 3:26 AM by Khabeer Rockley

We need to bring this thread back TTT!!!! Fruhzs, I hope all is well!! How is Shogun's training coming along, who is he wrestling with for this fight? I'm praying that his knees stay in tact during this camp and through the fight, and stays fit and healthy afterwards. TTT for a Shogun KO

Khabeer Rockley site profile image  

10/4/10 9:19 PM by Khabeer Rockley

  *awaits photoshop of scooter in background*

Khabeer Rockley site profile image  

10/4/10 9:15 PM by Khabeer Rockley

 LMAO @ Wanderlei giving Shogun shit for being chubby. Awesome. Wand probably curb/ pride stomped some Curitiba Hooligan for their scooter or somethin

EdSinister'sBottomBitch site profile image  

10/4/10 9:12 PM by EdSinister'sBottomBitch

 Fruhzs, With guys like Rashad, Bader, possibly Jon Jones coming for their shot at Shoguns belt in the next year or so have you guys put any thought to bringing in some wrestlers to train with and if so who? Thanks for always making the effort to be accessible to the fans!

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10/4/10 9:01 PM by Deuce77


ohferfuxsakes site profile image  

10/4/10 8:58 PM by ohferfuxsakes

 Thanks for the insights Eduardo!

fruhzs site profile image  

10/4/10 8:54 PM by fruhzs

Ball is for being a little chubby, and Scooter I can't tell =)

Khabeer Rockley site profile image  

10/3/10 9:47 PM by Khabeer Rockley

 Fruhzs, What's the story behind the nicknames "little ball" and "scooter"?? TTT for history!

fruhzs site profile image  

10/1/10 7:50 PM by fruhzs

There are always crazy stories, but most of them are better not being said =)