Belfort sees crack in Silva facade

by Marcelo Alonso | source:

“I know his whole game,” Belfort said in a recent interview with the Brazilian television station Rede TV. “I know his jiu-jitsu game. I know his stand-up game. I know he likes spinning kicks and loves to use elbows, but if I put my hands on a man, he will fall down.”

Silva looked mortal in victories over Brazilian jiu-jitsu ace Demian Maia at UFC 112 and Team Quest standout Chael Sonnen at UFC 117. Belfort was watching.

“If I hit him like Demian and Sonnen did, it’s going to be different because I have much more firepower,” he said. “Still, a fight is a fight, and we know we’re two well-conditioned champions. The most important thing is to be well-trained and focused on each second of that fight.

“I know Anderson knows that if my hands hit him, he will not be able to stand on his feet,” Belfort added. “No matter who’s on the other side of the cage, whether it’s Anderson or someone else, I’m going forward. If you look at my last fights, you’re going to see how focused I am. I know what I want. I have no doubt about what I want or what I’m able to do, so I’m very motivated.”

Belfort’s first-round technical knockout victory over Franklin at UFC 103 was his first inside the Octagon in more than five years. It was supposed to set up his showdown with Silva for the promotion’s middleweight crown in April, but the aforementioned injury forced Belfort to withdraw. He has lost none of his hunger since.

“I really want this belt,” Belfort said. “I want to face whoever has the belt. Today, it’s Anderson, so I really want to face him. He can’t fight this year, and I won’t wait for him until next year. They gave me a fight [against Okami] in November, and I’m really happy and anxious for that fight.”

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Hunter V site profile image  

9/19/10 7:43 PM by Hunter V

Worthy at 185? MORE than a few. In no order: Marquardt, Okami, Maia, Leben, Belcher, and Bisping to name a few. I do think Vitor can win the title possibly, but you are crazy if you think he deserves a shot over any of those guys. Hell, he has not even WON a fight at 185 yet but somehow he is automatically worthy of a title shot when yo have guys who are waaaaaaaaaaaay more accomplished at this weight? Its people who are just fans of him who want him to get a title shot automatically, instead let him earn his shot as otherwise its a snub on guys who have been fighting and WINNING at this weight class for years!

StretchPlum site profile image  

9/19/10 6:31 PM by StretchPlum

"crack"?????????? No shit, Sherlock. Wow, that's perceptive. Silva just got totally dominated for 4 1/2 rounds.

USAF Imagery Analyst site profile image  

9/19/10 5:35 PM by USAF Imagery Analyst

Depending on how the Sonnen saga plays out...and the facts surrounding it...I would take a Silva/Belfort match instantly as the replacement.

Redneck site profile image  

9/19/10 4:17 PM by Redneck

He did? I must be thinking of a different fight. I don't recall Maia doing squat to Anderson.

caliphornia site profile image  

9/19/10 3:46 PM by caliphornia

belfort needs to STFU and worry about training. he talks too much about anderson's "fascade" hey belfort, you can talk but can you walk the walk? last time i checked, anderson is the reigning champion of the past 4 years.. unbeaten for 4 years. you can't say the same. STFU.

MMA Monkey site profile image  

9/19/10 3:37 PM by MMA Monkey


orcus site profile image  

9/19/10 3:28 PM by orcus

I've never been a fan of Vitor, but it would be pretty cool to see a guy who has been fighting since 1996 become champ by beating the current p4p #1.

CharlesLewis site profile image  

9/19/10 3:16 PM by CharlesLewis

 I'm sure there are those on here who think Marq/Maia "deserve" it more. Personally, I'm more interested in this fight than any other Silva matchup. Belfort is inconsistant, but he is capable of beating anyone.

supersaiyan site profile image  

9/19/10 12:40 PM by supersaiyan

vitor is and has been the most dangerous threat to silva all along and still is

PassnSmash site profile image  

9/19/10 9:33 AM by PassnSmash