Matt Serra: 'Life is short ... and so am I'

by Chuck Mindenhall | source:

"When I'm an old dude in a rocking chair, I'll have these great war stories," said the 36-year-old, who's fought everyone from B.J. Penn to Matt Hughes. "And you know, whether I'm the hammer or the nail, it makes me a better instructor at my schools and builds up your character. So I'm there for the experience itself."

"Last time it was two guys fighting not to lose, and this time it's two guys looking to take each other out. And I'll tell you something: Not only is he fighting in a rematch in a fight where he lost a very close decision with a lot on the line, but he's fighting in his hometown, in front of everybody he's ever known from his family on. He's going to want to make a statement."

"You know, we're both durable veterans that are well-rounded. We're both not easy to get out of there. I know he's thinking the same thing as me, if he's able to take me out, that'll say something. And I'll tell you right now, there's nothing I want more, either."

"To me, it's all about the journey. The glass is always half full for me. Life is short and so am I."

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Matt Serra fights Chris Lytle in a rematch at UFC 119 in Indianapolis on September 25.

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Choken Necks site profile image  

9/22/10 1:08 PM by Choken Necks

Matt by high kick to Chris's liver.

solidsnake site profile image  

9/22/10 1:00 PM by solidsnake

and can I just say:NO JOEY! NO! WE WORKED ON THIS!!

duckrabbit site profile image  

9/22/10 11:26 AM by duckrabbit

you can't not like Serra.

SKARHEAD site profile image  

9/22/10 11:22 AM by SKARHEAD

Big fan of both fighters.

Jeepster site profile image  

9/22/10 9:07 AM by Jeepster

should be a good fight, hopefully the fight everyone expected at the end of TUF

easy_v site profile image  

9/22/10 8:48 AM by easy_v

Very true, great guys, and Serra is a real character, like some one else said, "one of the real guys of MMA".I love the fact that he is ALWAYS smiling, and completely down to earth. Brings it in fights too, as does Lytle. I dont like this fight because im selfish and like both guys and someone has to lose and move down the ladder, but it should be great to watch while it lasts. Pulling for Matt, but head is saying Lytle.Anyone train with MAtt on a regular basis? that is something i would love to get to do one day. (after my reconstructive knee surgery..... bummer!)

MMAMAZ site profile image  

9/21/10 5:59 PM by MMAMAZ

This fight is going to be good. Lytle has been looking great and Serra has great hands and solid BJJ. Interesting to see what happens.

Lunchbox101 site profile image  

9/21/10 2:22 PM by Lunchbox101

The sport has no better ambassadors than these two men. I look forward to the show these two plan on putting on... True FOTN potential.

whoabro site profile image  

9/21/10 12:30 PM by whoabro

Big fan of both guys, wish them both the best!

HULKSMASH site profile image  

9/21/10 9:56 AM by HULKSMASH