Sherk: 'I’m one of the best fighters in the world'

by Joe Myers | source:

37-year-old former UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk has only four career losses, all of them to former or current UFC champions: Frankie Edgar, BJ Penn, Georges St-Pierre, and Matt Hughes. He holds victories over Karo Parisyan, Manny Gamburyan, Benji Radach, Nick Diaz, Kenny Florian, Hermes Franca and Tyson Griffin. He has never been submitted.

Plagued by injuries for the better part of a year, Sherk wants to prove he still belongs among the elite at 155 pounds. He will take on unbeaten Evan Dunham at UFC 119 on Sept. 25 in Indianapolis.

“Everyone keeps bringing up this age thing, but when I fought [Edgar], I didn’t get my ass kicked by any means,” Sherk said during a recent appearance on the Sherdog Radio Network’s Savage Dog Show. “I lost the decision, but I didn’t get beat up. I didn’t get taken down. I didn’t get hurt. I didn’t get knocked out. So as far as me not being able to compete, I still think I’m one of the best fighters in the world.

“I’m a force to be reckoned with. Anyone who thinks I’m not can step in the Octagon with me. I’ve got all kinds of stuff left to offer this industry and this sport. I’m not going anywhere for a long time. I haven’t lost any athleticism. I haven’t lost any of my ability. I’ve only gotten better, and I’ve only gotten smarter.”

“I trained so hard for years, and I felt like I had to train hard and train myself 100 percent for these fights because I was fighting a lot of tough guys. I really haven’t fought anybody who was outside the top 10 since 2005. I’ve had to train my butt off to get ready for these fights, and I did what I needed to do. Unfortunately, after training that hard for that long, your body will start giving out on you. But I took some time off and was able to get myself healed up.”

“I don’t ever go online. I don’t read any press. I don’t read any interviews. I don’t listen to what the fans say. It really doesn’t matter to me. I’ve been the underdog, but I’m actually surprised that I’m the underdog [against Dunham]. I’ve accomplished more than 95 percent of the fighters in the world have accomplished, so it kind of surprises me that I’d be considered the underdog. But that’s great. I’ve been dealing with adversity and stuff like that my entire career, so this won’t be any different.”

“I’ve been competing since I was 7 years old. It’s not like you forget how to fight because you took a year off. I think the main thing is that I’m totally 100 percent rejuvenated. I’m excited to be back in the Octagon again. I’ve had about a 17-week training camp for this fight, so it’s not like I’ve been sitting at home watching TV and eating potato chips. I’ve done a lot of preparation for this thing. I’m more than ready.” 

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WRESTLENOW site profile image  

9/21/10 7:55 PM by WRESTLENOW

lmao, a true wrestlers spirit is never broken, and certainly never from a late, after the bell, dirty, eyepoke TKO from a pudgy hawaiin

Hobnobb site profile image  

9/21/10 5:33 PM by Hobnobb

TTT for Sherk!!!Stop boxing with your T-Rex arms and start taking people down! I still believe Sherk can take the belt again!

Musashi site profile image  

9/21/10 3:40 PM by Musashi

BJ broke his spirit.

CJJScout site profile image  

9/21/10 3:34 PM by CJJScout

I'll put my money on Sherk over Dunham.

BUFFGEO site profile image  

9/21/10 2:54 AM by BUFFGEO

Sherks a tough gatekeeper But lets face it, when Sherk was doing his best the LW division was a ghost townAs soon as talent actually starting showing up he got bumped pretty fast

Musashi site profile image  

9/21/10 2:51 AM by Musashi

Baby food and tire flipping = super strength

whistleblower site profile image  

9/21/10 2:43 AM by whistleblower

Sherk has only lost to the best, but he hasn't really beaten the best. His wins probably sound better now on paper than they actually were in reality at the time.The only even-arguably top-10-level opponents - and I'm being more expansively inclusive by using top-10-level instead of just strictly top-10 - that Sherk has ever beaten are Griffin, a slightly slumping Diaz (who had just lost 2 straight to Diego and Riggs), Hermes, and maybe even a still-developing KenFlo already (who had not beaten an even top-20 opponent yet for his career, and who claimed he hadn't really started training like a professional yet, until after the Sherk fight). Those were all at least credible and talented opponents - but not really the best of the best at the time.(And btw, Sherk-Florian created the biggest paper title in UFC and major-league MMA history - where Sherk beat a guy with no top-level wins at all to that point, for his very first win in the LW division - to already become a LW "world champion.")Karo and Manvel were 18 and 19 years old at the time, and not even remotely top contenders yet - even though now, on paper, Karo (along with Diaz) is probably Sherk's biggest "name" win ever, even though this was well before Karo was established as elite. Sherk's best win over an actual legit top contender at the time was probably Griffin or maybe still Hermes (even though Hermes was no longer considered top-10 at that point).Actually, Sherk has never beaten a single top-5 fighter in his career.He has still been a legit elite-level fighter, though - his fight with Hughes alone proved that he could at least be competitive with the very best at the time - but his list of wins themselves hasn't really been all that significant or loaded with top contenders at the time.

orcus site profile image  

9/21/10 12:39 AM by orcus

Did better against Edgar than BJ did.

The Sultan site profile image  

9/21/10 12:34 AM by The Sultan

 sherk's always a tough fight and I think he is one of the best in the world.

threestars35 site profile image  

9/21/10 12:20 AM by threestars35

Sherk doesn't have the standup and the subs to be the best