Liddell retirement decision in next month or two


We are talkint it (retirement) over with everybody. I am meeting with Dana next week ... we will try to figure something out in the next month or two.

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awilson82 site profile image  

9/22/10 12:09 PM by awilson82

I know that but if Chuck dove into his fist like he did with Rich then it could happen and that would be the worst outcome in MMA history.  


9/22/10 8:21 AM by K-Dub-"T"

Tito doesn't K.O. anyone.  

Flannerz site profile image  

9/22/10 8:17 AM by Flannerz

Give him Forrest, as he's got no KO power and Chuck can go out with a win

Bobby Lupo site profile image  

9/22/10 8:03 AM by Bobby Lupo

 You're right. Who besides CRE saw that outcome ahead of time? It's not that Chuck was doing anything differently, he always charged in like that and took shots to give one, but he wasn't able to take it anymore.  Franklin's in the top guy neighborhood. Maybe bring back Kimbo? It's a win win. Chuck can go out with a W and a nice chunk of change for the PPV and if by some miracle Kimbo wins, they can milk that for another PPV

superCalo site profile image  

9/21/10 11:32 PM by superCalo

Or Frank Mir if he comes down to lWh as he is threatening to do.

superCalo site profile image  

9/21/10 11:31 PM by superCalo

I expect in some parts of the country it is preferable to be outside during the day espeically if you dont have air conditioning, I apologise for assuming you were in Alaska or something.

osiriss site profile image  

9/21/10 11:30 PM by osiriss

Btw supercalo I think I have to take back what I said about you in the other thread. You are a funny dude I guess I just did not get it.

osiriss site profile image  

9/21/10 11:27 PM by osiriss

^^i do not have a fucking anger management issue!! :) I did let everyone in after a while but I live in Cali so they got to suffer outside in that unbearable 70 degrees weather while I acted like a two year old.

superCalo site profile image  

9/21/10 11:04 PM by superCalo

You have a anger management issue if you kicked everyone out of your house for this reason, I hope you let them back in again eventually, espcially if it was snowing.

osiriss site profile image  

9/21/10 11:01 PM by osiriss

I Am huge chuck fan when he lost to rampage i was so pissed I kicked everyone out of my house. I think the man is amazing he has done sooooo much for this sport. As much as I love watching him (no homo) fight, I don't think he has anything else to prove.