Belfort injured, Marquardt vs. Okami at UFC 122

by Chris Palmquist | source: The Underground

In an interesting twist, a rumored bout between Nate Marquardt and Yushin Okami is being discussed for UFC 122. Okami was originally scheduled to face Vitor Belfort as a headline bout for the event. The reason for the replacement is yet unknown. It is believed this bout will still determine the next number one contender to UFC middleweight bout.

UFC 122 is scheduled for Saturday November 13th and will mark the company's second trip to Germany.


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CRBMoney14 site profile image  

9/22/10 5:36 PM by CRBMoney14

What is the co-main event for this card?The TUF finale in December looks betterDefinately not the type of card that is going to get Germans interested in MMA

The Swinging Richard site profile image  

9/22/10 5:32 PM by The Swinging Richard

The only injury Vitor will have is when he breaks his foot off in Silva's ass. Silva v. Belfort set for NYE.  

SQUIRREL Master site profile image  

9/22/10 4:16 PM by SQUIRREL Master

Vitor has been out to long he will lose to the spider, i really like the Marquardt vs. Okami matchup that one is hard to call but im going with nate via split descision. leben got screwed by having to fight stann. that is a pointless fight for him. i wish alan belcher wasnt injuured this would be a great time for him to shine

Jen The OCaholic Jameson site profile image  

9/22/10 12:17 PM by Jen The OCaholic Jameson

 I would believe that if I didnt turn around and always see Vitor is injured.

JTfromCharlotte site profile image  

9/22/10 12:17 PM by JTfromCharlotte

Sorry- didn't mean "perfect" - but "great", etc. Everyone seems to be behind this idea and I can't figure out why. His only MW wins have been against Terry Martin and Matt Lindland- even if those victories were inside the octagon- I still don't know if I see those justifying a title shot. On top of that, Belfort barely made weight for his catchweight fight with Franklin at 195.

JTfromCharlotte site profile image  

9/22/10 10:26 AM by JTfromCharlotte

How is Vitor getting a title shot "perfect"? He hasn't even come close to earning it. Let him win at least one fight at MW in UFC first over a game opponent, then MAYBE. If this whole injury thing is a ploy, I truly hope Anderson destroys Belfort. Nothing against him personally, but bottom line- he doesn't deserve it.

Markos site profile image  

9/22/10 10:21 AM by Markos

that made me laugh out loud man... thank you for starting the day off right

bjjboxer site profile image  

9/22/10 9:33 AM by bjjboxer

WOW, curious to see how this pans out........TTTAlso, LOL at the convo. NICE !!!!!

Counterweight site profile image  

9/22/10 9:32 AM by Counterweight

I like this fight but it's been way too long a lay off for Vitor.

savage animal site profile image  

9/22/10 9:23 AM by savage animal

vs Wand