Sherk takes controversial split decision over Dunham

by Kid Nate | source:

Sean Sherk, the former champ, held off the rising young star Evan Dunham to squeak out a split decision win.

Dunham threatened throughout the fight with tight choke attacks but Sherk countered with slams and controlled the location of the fight for most of the first two rounds. But Dunham controlled the action standing and pretty much beat up Sherk on the feet in the latter rounds.

The crowd booed Sherk after the fight and cheered Dunham but the judges had the final say. Two of the judges scored it 29-28 for Sherk, and one scored it 29-28 for Dunham. The former UFC lightweight champion gets the win and Dunham gets the first loss of his professional career.

“I was breathing. All the chokes were very tight. I have a big neck. I’m very hard to choke, ask all my training partners,” said Sherk after the fight.

“I knew I had the first round, second was close, third round was close. I thought it could have went either way,” Sherk later admitted.

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GSTREBENDT site profile image  

9/26/10 1:33 AM by GSTREBENDT

the most disqusted I have ever been at a dec. ever in 11 years of fighting. I am so sick of incompetant athletic commisions. Last night I got told I couldnt fan my fighters face with a towl because the comm. had decided it is a detriment to the fighters eyes....this sport is dying...

32Hunter site profile image  

9/26/10 1:31 AM by 32Hunter


orbit site profile image  

9/26/10 1:28 AM by orbit

The judging needs to change immediately. It's fucking disgraceful

AceAtGSU site profile image  

9/26/10 1:14 AM by AceAtGSU

Dunham definitely took 2nd and 3rd. I understand the cut was there but was Sherk serious when he said he did more damage in the 1st than he took in the 2nd and 3rd. A cut is a cut, not like you broke his face in two. He was getting worked on the feet in 2nd and 3rd, not to mention all the great attempts at guillotines. Dunham was always looking to finish. Great fight from both fighters, but bad bad decision.

ChicagoTom site profile image  

9/26/10 12:53 AM by ChicagoTom

 Great performance by Dunham. Big fan.

ArmbarVictim site profile image  

9/26/10 12:24 AM by ArmbarVictim

what in the fuCK!!!!

I_Bang_Dudes site profile image  

9/25/10 11:51 PM by I_Bang_Dudes

MMAJunkie, Sherdog and MMAWeekly all had it 29-28 for Dunham (in case that even needs to be said).

JoeAdroit site profile image  

9/25/10 11:34 PM by JoeAdroit

 wtf sean sherk?! this is pretty redick!! i just got the update from caged...i can't believe that decision!! i'm getting all the results here;

Dznuts site profile image  

9/25/10 11:21 PM by Dznuts

I thought it was close, i've seen much worse decisions. It was a pretty good fight. Alot better than Guillard vs Stephens.

spliff site profile image  

9/25/10 11:20 PM by spliff

At least one of those judges was using braille to watch the fight