Hometown favorite Lytle wins at UFC 119

by Maggie Hendricks | source: yahoo.com

Chris Lytle said all week that he wanted to put on a show for the fans in his hometown of Indianapolis. He delivered, winning a decision over Matt Serra at UFC 119, 30-27 on all three judges' cards.

With the crowd chanting "Lytle," the two started out at the fight at a furious pace, with both fighters throwing bombs to start the fight. Lytle appeared to win the early exchanges, and just grew stronger headed into the second.

Serra began to slow in the second round, which Lytle took advantage of. Lytle wobbled Serra on a few occasions, using his uppercut to do damage. This continued in the third round. With a beat-up face, Serra tried in vain for a takedown, but Lytle continued to hammer away.

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Macedawgg site profile image  

9/28/10 4:02 AM by Macedawgg

Awesome post Chris.  I don't believe that was even remotely an MMA fight.  No elbows, no knees, 2 leg kicks in the 3rd round, no take downs nor even attempts, no clinching.  Stand and Wang.  The questions at the post fight interview were comical--veiled. 

AndrewJitsu site profile image  

9/28/10 2:46 AM by AndrewJitsu

 so many fighters that have such high bjj dont try to go to the ground, im such a big ground fan. it looked alot like their first time fighting, i wish they wouldve both changed it up and had more well rounded game plans.  was real fun to watch but tough to score and totally favors the striker if they both stand.

Marzz site profile image  

9/26/10 12:25 AM by Marzz

Please. Serra is 10x the fighter either of those guys are. Did he lose when trading with GSP? Trigg? Karo? Hughes? Even when he's lost, he's rarely been battered on his feet. But his strategy was as shitty as theirs tonight.

Marzz site profile image  

9/26/10 12:21 AM by Marzz

"I dont care how experienced you are in BJJ...if you cant take a man down you CAN NOT submit him."What? Pulling guard? Sweeps? But anyway, if Serra could get Hughes down, I think he could have gotten Lytle down if only he implemented the right strategy and mixed up the striking with the td attempts.

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

9/26/10 12:19 AM by ranier wolfcastle

 serra = ANDY WANG = gurgel stand and trade and lose serra really got battered there. now lytle has beaten him twice, but this time the judges were sane.

ghostofgibran site profile image  

9/26/10 12:06 AM by ghostofgibran

Niether has a chance of subbing the other. Quite common for that to end up in stand up fights.

KmanKK site profile image  

9/25/10 11:51 PM by KmanKK

I really dont get it. 2 BJJ blackbelts and the fight doesnt end up on the ground at all. In fact, there was just 1 takdown attempt by Serra between both fighters respectively in the entire fight. Why is this? Is this because both fighters decided that they would prefer to trade punches and make this a boxing match and not utilize any of their BJJ training? Or is it due more to the fact that they made ZERO takedown attempts due to perhaps a lack of confidence in their takdown game? I dont care how experienced you are in BJJ...if you cant take a man down you CAN NOT submit him. Why is wreslting not intergrated more into their training?

2point site profile image  

9/25/10 11:50 PM by 2point

fucking serra, wish I knew his strategy, he fucked up my parleys big time. didn't care to win or not just wanted to bang. His corner in the background looked pissed.

RLL site profile image  

9/25/10 11:49 PM by RLL

 Diasgree. That why there is sub of the night too. They just wanted to "be exciting" but almost got boring at points watching serra try to punch the ribs while lytle just thumped him in the eye for 15 minutes.

Lite site profile image  

9/25/10 11:48 PM by Lite

Whatever. These fights where a ground specialist stands and wangs mean nothing. It would have been one thing if Serra had fine for TDs and been stuffed. Instead, it's like Tiger Woods beating Kobe Bryant at golf. So what.