Gamburyan more comfortable at 145 than fighting '185' lb. guys


Luke Thomas: Alright, again, that fight's gonna be September 30, live on Versus at the FirstBank Center in Broomfield, Colorado. Manny, a lot of folks here - we run - they had a ton of questions about the decision to drop to featherweight. Overall, what was it? What compelled you to say, "I can be more competitive at featherweight than I can at lightweight?"

Manny Gamburyan:
My last fight in the UFC against Thiago Tavares, I felt disadvantaged. You know, he overpowered me with like 20 to 25 pounds. I walked in the ring at around 160, 161. I even asked him after the fight how much he weighed and he said about 185. I felt like it was a disadvantage and I had to make a move. Thanks to Joe Silva, he offered me to fight in the WEC, he thought I could do much better here. And here I am fighting in the biggest fight of my career.

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stevies6969 site profile image  

9/27/10 2:51 PM by stevies6969

For the record, not to give too much credit to Rogan, but he said tibau walks at 190 or so, and i would say he has a bit more inside info than us. And winston, I had just gotten bak from the gym and was feelin a little argumentative myself. that's all the (manny)ing up i can do. haha

Kakkarotto_san site profile image  

9/27/10 2:49 PM by Kakkarotto_san

Audinwood looked 2 weight classes bigger than Tavares... there's no way Tavares walks in the cage at 185lbs.

Winston Wolf site profile image  

9/27/10 2:28 PM by Winston Wolf

Tavares doesnt look that big to me for a 155er.Grey Maynard does,Tibau does,Nate Diaz looks big because he is tall.Tavares is short and cut up.

LoganClark site profile image  

9/27/10 2:26 PM by LoganClark

Let's be clear here, Winston. Tavares is a professional athlete. You are not. Athletes are rather dense people. For you to make your assessment based on being a similar size is laughable.

Winston Wolf site profile image  

9/27/10 2:26 PM by Winston Wolf

opinions vary. Unless he was seen on a scale theres no way of telling .My guess is the guy he fought was 168 he was 165.

LoganClark site profile image  

9/27/10 2:24 PM by LoganClark

About as believable as him weighing 160 at fight time.

Winston Wolf site profile image  

9/27/10 2:21 PM by Winston Wolf

but also how can u prove Tibau is 185 ? He also looks a lot bigger than Tavares IMO.

Winston Wolf site profile image  

9/27/10 2:20 PM by Winston Wolf

i just feel like arguing

stevies6969 site profile image  

9/27/10 2:17 PM by stevies6969

Unless we train with them, guess we'l never know. Maybe i'm just weigh off base.

EckY site profile image  

9/27/10 2:14 PM by EckY

 Gleison Tibau would make Tavares look like 125er in the cage.