Reinhardt details Zhang fight preventing eye issues

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I will come back even stronger from WEC let down

From: Jason Reinhardt
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One of the biggest disappointments of my life was the phone call i received last Thursday, from the WEC, informing me there was a problem with my eye-sight for my Colorado WEC fight this thursday night, and my fight was in jepardy. My contact prescription is too strong and colorado is a state which does not allow a fighter with such a strong prescription, to fight with contacts in.

How the hell could this be, i thought? I trained so damn hard for this fight, and was in excellent condition. My resting heart rate was low 50's. I've faught mma, the last 11 years with my contacts in. I see 20/20 with my contacts.

Yes, without my contacts i don't see too well at all. And this is where the problem with colorado came in. I guess they figure if the contacts came off in the fight, it was too dangerous for me? What the hell? We are fighters. I honestly was ready to fight this guy blind.

I have never wanted anything so bad in my life to fight the chinese protegy Zhang. I can honestly say that. He represents MMA in china, and is a very respected fighter. I was truly excited, and couldn't wait to fight, and redeem myself from my UFC debut. I'm night and day from the fighter back then!

Anyway, if you want to read the articles, regarding my fight, and the eye sight issue, they are on many of the major websites.

I am scheduled for PRK (similar to lasix surgery) consultation, to get surgery to once and for all correct my vision. I never want this to happen again. This is how serious i am. I've got another 4 solid great years left! Thanks for anyone who supports me. And haters...hopefully, i win you as a fan. I'm one of the good guys in this sport, and i give respect to most everyone.


Jason Reinhardt

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jayu site profile image  

9/28/10 5:01 PM by jayu


one5fightwear site profile image  

9/28/10 1:19 PM by one5fightwear

Sorry to hear the news. My wife had the eye procedure your are going to have. They did one eye and then two weeks later the other. She was to the point where they no longer had contacts strong enough for her. Today she has perfect vision Let me know when you get the green light for your next fight and I will do the sponsorship as planned for this one. Good luck to you and have a speedy return

Tyler Toner site profile image  

9/28/10 12:54 PM by Tyler Toner

I know how you feel, buddy. Very disappointing. Get the surgery -- it's worth it.

grapple420 site profile image  

9/28/10 12:51 PM by grapple420

 Come back strong Jason.  Im pretty sure Ben Henderson went thru the same thing and look where he is at now!

frankiesMONSTER BALLsack site profile image  

9/28/10 12:50 PM by frankiesMONSTER BALLsack

Jason will be back!

Hong Kong Phooey site profile image  

9/28/10 12:42 PM by Hong Kong Phooey

 sorry JR

jkkazmier site profile image  

9/28/10 12:40 PM by jkkazmier

man, i can only imagine how much you are hurting about this. To put all that time in training and not get rewarded. Sorry bro, hope you get it worked out and we can see you do battle sometime soon.

garint site profile image  

9/28/10 12:35 PM by garint

 That really sucks Jason, I was looking forward to watching you smash that guy!

jayu site profile image  

9/28/10 11:58 AM by jayu


Sagiv Lapkin site profile image  

9/28/10 10:27 AM by Sagiv Lapkin

 Lasik, yes. With PRK he can do whatever he wants.