Malki Kawa cites miscommunication with Mitrione

by Steven Marrocco | source:

"(Mitrione) is a great guy," Kawa said. "He just doesn't understand how it should get done, and I didn't get the chance to sit down and operate with him the way I normally would with anybody else."

Kawa said Mitrione hired him to negotiate fight contracts and sponsorships four weeks prior to UFC 119. But there was also an agreement that a member of Mitrione's family would be in charge of sponsorships for the fight. That changed not long after the ink dried on the new deal.

"His family member calls me three weeks out from the fight and says, 'Dude, I've got absolutely nothing going on,' and he asked me if I had anything going on. I said, 'I've got it.'"

"The issue is when he did a deal with [Hitman], they restricted him on doing certain things, and it handcuffed me at first. [Hitman] turned down sponsorships that I've done before and gotten permission to do. Sponsors started shying away. No big deal. I still found other things and still got some things done, and I got him $5,000."

"I never told his wife that anything was none of her business. I would never speak that way to anybody's wife. I might tell the fighter it's none of their business because it really isn't if they don't want it to be."

"If a wife calls me or a father calls me and asks me how much is making, I'm not allowed to say that unless the fighter tells me it's OK to say that. I was never told that I was allowed to say that to his wife."

"[Mitrione] said, 'Keep her in the loop, and let her know what's going on.' I did that to my best ability."

"Don't worry about it. 'This is my business,' is what I said. There's nothing that you would have been able to do if the circumstances were as such. I think she took the fact that I said, 'This is my business,' as saying it's none of her business.

"I think that's where the miscommunication came because I've never once disrespected that lady, ever. I never would. I never have. I never will."

"He asked me straight what he was making. A few hours later, I got a [Blackberry instant message] saying, 'Are you happy with what you did?' I said, 'Considering all the circumstances and everything you have around you, this is the best I could do.' I didn't want to get into details because he was getting ready for a fight. He just got off being sick."

"If he's willing to take the call and talk it out like two men, I'd be more than happy to do so. I like Matt. I just don't think he understood what was going on. Unfortunately for me, I should have called him before the fight and talked about it."

"I think that's why I'm disappointed in all of this. ... It's not like I had three months to sit down and work on a deal for him, the way I do for Jon Jones, Thiago Alves, Carlos Condit and my other guys. He can call any of my fighters, and they'll all tell him they made the most money with me. I look forward to working with them again if the opportunity arises."

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Fight Finder site profile image  

10/5/10 2:28 PM by Fight Finder

Jones didn't seem too convinced when he was put on the spot to answer weather the guy was the best or not. If other people think your the best then that is more important me thinks.Great quote I once heard: "Proclaiming "I'm the best" is the same as saying "Trust Me" or "I'm very Loyal" Those are comments that are only true if others people use them to describe you, if you have to tell someone your the best, or that your trustworthy, chances are it's because it's not a clear fact."

Forssberg site profile image  

9/29/10 12:21 PM by Forssberg

The truth is that most of these MMA fighters making the headlines over "disagreements" with their agents seem like a bunch of amateurs.

TampabayMMA site profile image  

9/29/10 10:46 AM by TampabayMMA

Im no gossip encyclopedia but off the top of my head, Mir's wife had a pretty ugly twitter war with Jena and Tito, Franklin's wife thought she should be in the ring with Ace after his fights and he playfully threatened to kill her, and I dont remember the details of Horn's wife's drama, it was over some dude Horn fought and Jeremy ended up spitting in the guys face in the ring.

MMA Scraps Radio site profile image  

9/29/10 10:39 AM by MMA Scraps Radio

 Pat Barry told a story on my last show that made it seem like Malki was trying to punk him into a deal.  To hear it from Pat, he pretty much challenged his manhood. Needless to say, Malki isn't on Pat's christmas list. I don't know if this is true or not, I'm just passing along the story/link.

Legkick to the Head site profile image  

9/29/10 10:17 AM by Legkick to the Head


jitsallday site profile image  

9/29/10 10:13 AM by jitsallday

raphael is a good guy that sucks. I hear kawa guy aint allowed in ATT and alot of the guys dont like him either. good move by meathead

chawkins site profile image  

9/28/10 1:04 PM by chawkins


chawkins site profile image  

9/28/10 1:02 PM by chawkins

Jenna and Kim, sure. But what did Mir, Franklin & Horn's wives meddle with? I must have missed a few good stories.

Darup site profile image  

9/28/10 12:39 PM by Darup

Kawa has a history being shady