EA Sports releases 'MMA' demo on PS3 and Xbox 360

source: sherdog.com

THQ’s “UFC: Undisputed” is no longer the only game in town for fans of fight simulations.

On Tuesday, EA Sports released the first playable demo on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 for their inaugural mixed martial arts game. EA Sports’ “MMA” allows players to control fighters from all over the world, from former Pride heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko to UFC hall of famer Randy Couture to Dream lightweight king Shinya Aoki. Additionally, the game will feature fights taking place in a ring as well as a cage.

The demo released Tuesday features four playable characters: Strikeforce heavyweight champ Alistair Overeem, former WWE superstar Bobby Lashley, former two-division title holder Jake Shields and Jason “Mayhem” Miller.

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FingerorMoon site profile image  

10/4/10 7:59 PM by FingerorMoon

Its the traditional thing to say when playing EA's Fight Night 3 and 4. Button mashers vs stick swingers:)

UltraMagnus site profile image  

10/4/10 6:34 PM by UltraMagnus

If you played FNR4 and played against Spammers whi just punch the buttons in then you'd understand..

Fredrico site profile image  

10/4/10 5:54 PM by Fredrico

Impossible to punch using Total Strike Control yet only press a button to sprawl or takedown.

michaelkaras site profile image  

10/1/10 4:23 PM by michaelkaras

thats a pretty big generalization from just playing the unpolished demo

BushidoAristotle site profile image  

10/1/10 4:21 PM by BushidoAristotle

I've been using the "Total Strike Control" for the past couple of days, used it in Fight Night as well, but it's just too sloppy on the feet in this game. I look at it like this. When a professional fighter throws a jab, a hook, a leg kick, he doesn't have to think "how" to do it, he does.

UltraMagnus site profile image  

10/1/10 4:07 PM by UltraMagnus

Guys that use the buttons have no skill .....

BushidoAristotle site profile image  

10/1/10 4:00 PM by BushidoAristotle

Wow. The striking is much more responsive with the "Classic" controls. It really opens your striking game, especially since the left trigger becomes the body modifier.I recommend to anyone currently using "Total Strike Controls" to try out the "Classic" setting. Especially those used to the UFC Undisputed controls.Give it a shot. It can't hurt. Not like you're the one getting punched in the face.

Mulletron5000 site profile image  

10/1/10 2:33 PM by Mulletron5000

 ^ the videos posted above should offer some help

Bixby site profile image  

10/1/10 1:44 PM by Bixby

The game is a waste.How do you change positions get out of the clinch? what the fuck is going on?The visuals arent that bad though.

Chappie site profile image  

10/1/10 1:40 PM by Chappie

Very cool demo, but the lack of commentary and the inability to change control setups suck. The graphics on this game are amazing, I have never before seen a game in which the muscles of figthers stretch and change based upon thir body positioning. Once the full game comes out the ability to change control setups and fight rules and environments, it should be badass to play.