Noons on Diaz: "He's gonna get knocked out'

source: steverattlesnake

How will Nick be different in this fight, compared to the last?

Noons: “He is going to want to take me down; wear me down; try to submit me. He’s going to ground and pound and try to get me tired. My game play is I run up the middle, like a football player, so try to stop me. He is not going to come out with some crazy stuff. People pretty much stay with their styles. I am just going to run my play, try to stop it.”

What do you think is going to be the biggest difference between fight No. 1 and fight No. 2?

Noons: “He is going to get knocked out. I just train all around as best as I can. When the fight happens I come with a game plan, and I am going to become victorious.”

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2L4S site profile image  

10/2/10 6:05 AM by 2L4S

Too bad Diaz doesn't have that power but it would be just plain awesome to knock Noons out like Krazy horse did.that was awesome (especially that he talked to KH like shit).

CMX site profile image  

10/2/10 3:28 AM by CMX

Noon's dad !!!It's ok for KJ Sr. Diaz will beat KJ's ass this time

ChicagoTom site profile image  

10/2/10 3:22 AM by ChicagoTom

If Diaz loses, does someone get jumped?

FloridaStriker site profile image  

10/2/10 3:17 AM by FloridaStriker

I hear he smoked weed. Thats tight. Def a badass fighter. Im going with Diaz on this one

StretchPlum site profile image  

10/2/10 3:05 AM by StretchPlum

"nick is going to fuck his shit up 420 style"He's going to clean his pool?

Moth2Flame site profile image  

10/2/10 12:22 AM by Moth2Flame

I just hope it's an exciting fight without any controversy...

FCM site profile image  

10/1/10 9:47 PM by FCM

If Nick fights smart and takes Noons down it will be a cruisy night, should Nick get 'hot' and stand he might have some trouble.I think Nick stands with Noons get busted up and wins a decision.

Wasa-B site profile image  

10/1/10 9:30 PM by Wasa-B

"He is going to get knocked out"- The originality.The boldness.Going where no fighter has gone before.The creativity.That, up there is a statement of art.

32Hunter site profile image  

10/1/10 8:28 PM by 32Hunter

 exactly I watched the First DIaz Noons fight last night and Nick was doing well until he went for the takedowns and got Kneed. the knees caused the cut, Nick should stay on his feet and box this fool up.