Cowboy punishes Varner in grudge match

by Damon Martin | source:

In the mother of all grudge matches, Donald Cerrone exacted his revenge with an emotional charge leading the way as he dominated Jamie Varner on his way to a unanimous decision win on Thursday night.

Using his reach advantage, Cerrone clocked Varner time and time again with his lead punch, mixing in a few kicks, and actually showing off his new and improved wrestling, taking his opponent down several times during the fight.

With Varner's face a bloody mess at the end, there was no doubt that Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone got the best of the rivalry in round two. Following the win, Cerrone quickly offered up round three to take place in Varner's home state later this year.

"Jamie, you asked for a rematch in Arizona, I'd be much obliged to give that to you," Cerrone said after the win.

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Ironclad site profile image  

9/30/10 11:27 PM by Ironclad

 Excellent fight, was on my feet the entire time watching it. That wasn't your typical point fight - that was two guys trying to finish the fight, hats off to both of them. Cerrone keeps putting on these fight of the year type fights time and time again. I can't believe how much Cowboy's wrestling has evolved. You can tell he's put in a lot of hard work, some guys go their whole career and don't improve their wrestling to that extent. Cerrone's taken it to another level in a relatively short time. I love watching Cowboy fight and he's got incredible potential My only concern is how many shots to the chin he takes. Hopefully he can work on his defense more. Regardless, that was a heck of a performance tonight.

Wasa-B site profile image  

9/30/10 11:21 PM by Wasa-B

Yup. Jamie may have hurt or put down majority of other guys with dem punches.Still, i think Varner "came to fight," Cerrone just ran things.

Wasa-B site profile image  

9/30/10 11:20 PM by Wasa-B


threestars35 site profile image  

9/30/10 11:19 PM by threestars35

that was typical Greg Jackson Donald Cerrone used, takedowns and range fighting, Varner got taken out of his game on that one

TheTakeover site profile image  

9/30/10 11:19 PM by TheTakeover

Lets give Jamie SOME credit (and Cowboy's chin) Jamie landed some hard punches.I don't think he was in the fight mentally tonight.

WestsideStrangler site profile image  

9/30/10 11:18 PM by WestsideStrangler

 It was all timing.  Donald got Jamie to swing har and timed it well and by the time he finished swinging Don was under and on his hips n legs

BJJkilla site profile image  

9/30/10 11:17 PM by BJJkilla

he was shaking his left hand before he got interviewed, i expected him to say he broke his hand again.

Hired Gun site profile image  

9/30/10 11:17 PM by Hired Gun

Did the problems at arizona combat effect varners camp?

TheTakeover site profile image  

9/30/10 11:15 PM by TheTakeover

I don't think Jamie was mentally ready for this fight at all. It didn't seem like he was on the walk in. The mental game is probably his biggest weakness.

mrgoodarmbar site profile image  

9/30/10 11:15 PM by mrgoodarmbar

at least candidate for FOTY....and surprisingly classy Varner in excuses. I almost like him now...