Henderson: CBS kind of faltering on committment to MMA

by Ariel Helwani | source: mmafighting.com

Dan Henderson has a perfectly good reason for his absence from the Strikeforce scene.

"It wasn't me," Henderson said on Thursday's edition of The MMA Hour. "I was wanting to get back in there pretty quickly, but I think part of the problem was CBS kind of a little bit faltering on their commitment to mixed martial arts, especially after the little escapade in the cage after my last fight on CBS."

"You know, I don't quite understand that and they're definitely still wanting to be involved in mixed martial arts and with Strikeforce, but I think they're just gonna take their time on it a little bit more."

"It is disappointing [to not fight on CBS again], and the fact that that could have been easily avoided with the guys not coming into the cage after my last fight. It just gave them an out. But I also think that if CBS had a big problem with it, they didn't need to put it on their Web site, didn't need to replay it a bunch of times."

"I don't know if they're trying to renegotiate or get a little bit more out of the door, but I think they're definitely still going to be on board. But that's kind of what they were waiting on. [Strikeforce] wanted me to be on the next CBS card and CBS took a while and finally [Strikeforce] just got tired of waiting. I thought I was going to fight two, three months ago, but that's the way it goes."

"They definitely like to make sure they try to take care of the fighters," Henderson said of Strikeforce. "They're very similar to a lot of other organizations. It's a nice outlet for these fighters to come fight; they put on a great show and they're pretty organized, as far as at the event. I've got no regrets, put it that way, about moving there. It's a lot less of a headache, a lot less red tape to deal with, as far as restrictions on what I can and can't do, as far as sponsorships go."

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gorillagrappling site profile image  

10/13/10 10:41 AM by gorillagrappling

I don't hate Dana at all. I applaud the hell out of him. In much the same way as I applaud Al Gore. It is his fans I can't get down with. Read a bit of the history of the UFC. Read some of the stories of the dealings with the Fertittas and the prior owners back when Fertitta was on the athletic commission. It's all quite shady. While I applaud Dana for being what he is, I cannot give him the credit that his fans give him. I ssem to remember picking up the UFC vids from Blockbuster when Dana was living in his car outside the boxing gym.

humphrey sphinctermuscle site profile image  

10/13/10 12:04 AM by humphrey sphinctermuscle

lol yeah it couldn't be the fact that dan lost and he was brought there to be the new star. so now his value dropped about 90% to strikeforce. I'd bet that has a lot more to do with him not fighting sooner, than cbs being lazy. ROFL

UfcSpyGUY site profile image  

10/12/10 11:58 PM by UfcSpyGUY

your dana hate is evident.

Kai Tremeche site profile image  

10/12/10 9:57 PM by Kai Tremeche

Wow. GG got owned.

gorillagrappling site profile image  

10/12/10 8:27 PM by gorillagrappling

^^^You prove my point. MMA is cool. The fact is that none of those people can really learn anything about business from Dana White. He got up there and talked about world they had never seen. Men beating each other up. What's not exciting about that? Had I gotten the opportunity to speak to them, I could have fired them up about MMA too. Or you or any other swinging dick. It's cool. How many of them wrote him a check? How many of them want to be his partner? How many of them wanted to invest in Zuffa?

UfcSpyGUY site profile image  

10/12/10 1:55 PM by UfcSpyGUY


gorillagrappling site profile image  

10/12/10 12:11 PM by gorillagrappling

Put Dana White on The Celebrity Apprentice. He would be one of the first to be voted off. Not that he would actually go on the show due to it being for loser, has beens, but you get my drift. He only has what it takes, business wise, to run the UFC. You think the CEO of Coca Cola would ever call him for some advice? Surely not. You think he will ever be involved in any business that isn't two guys beating each other up? No. Why? Because he isn't a business man.

gorillagrappling site profile image  

10/12/10 12:07 PM by gorillagrappling

Spy guy. I won't call you a moron. Everyone else will though. It is a complete assumption that the networks want to take over the UFC. That's a myth. They haven't take over the NFL or the MLB or the NBA have they? Of course not. The reason they must get involved with SF, I assume, is because Coker didn't really have any idea what he was doing and welcomed the help. After all, they know more than Coker does about being on TV. Its what they do. I never said Dana is a moron BECAUSE he can't get a network deal. I said he can't get a network deal BECAUSE he is a moron. The Fertittas scammed the UFC into power. It was Vegas politics at its finest. Do your history research. It was all a power scam. Dirty Vegas back room BS landed the UFC into the hands of Zuffa. Like I said before, MMA would have happened without Dana White. Ideas are the most powerful things in the world. And you cannot suppress a good idea. MMA was not Dana White's idea. Some may even say that the UFC has succeeded at the expense of the sport of MMA as a whole. it's like trying to convince people that dirty magazines would not exist without Hugh Heffner. It's silly.

JimmersonzGlove site profile image  

10/12/10 11:24 AM by JimmersonzGlove

 ^ wat?