Unaired WEC 51 Mike Brown vs. Cole Province

source: wec.tv

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piratepirate site profile image  

10/4/10 9:47 PM by piratepirate

1. Its well known title fights go a little longer than non title fights. 2. This isn't fucking bloodsport 3. From the ref's angle it might have looked worse? 4. It doesn't matter if I am punching your arms, You have to be defending yourself. If damage were what stopped a fight we would have deaths every year and no sport.

smoogy site profile image  

10/4/10 9:33 PM by smoogy

 What is this "he didn't do anything" crap? You can't just cover up for 4-5 seconds while your opponent hits your arms? Apparently this new rule must have gone into effect after Lesnar vs. Carwin. Instead of watching Cole calmly from a good position, the ref freaked out and jumped in from a bad position when the fighter was still defending himself. For that reason, it was a bad stoppage.

BJJkilla site profile image  

10/4/10 9:28 PM by BJJkilla

BS stoppage, the ref gave cole no chance.

piratepirate site profile image  

10/4/10 9:27 PM by piratepirate

 Stoppage was fine. He covered his face and took 9 un answered shots. IMO if you want a guy to take more than 9 heavy shots you're kind of a dick.

Poindexter site profile image  

10/4/10 9:23 PM by Poindexter

 Thanks for posting. The stoppage was premature, but it wasn't looking good for Cole.

one5fightwear site profile image  

10/4/10 9:14 PM by one5fightwear

Early stoppage. I let it go a little longer there. Can't say he was going to win anyway because too many guys have survived an onslaught and won

TapouT24 site profile image  

10/4/10 9:07 PM by TapouT24

Bad stoppage but he should be lucky the ref stopped him from getting brain damage by Mike's fists!!!

inf0 site profile image  

10/4/10 8:56 PM by inf0

 Outcome wouldn't have changed, but that was a shit stoppage.

LambertCFMMA site profile image  

10/4/10 8:51 PM by LambertCFMMA

Good performance by Brown although I don't know how much it means since it was essentially a gimme fight. Stoppage was pretty early. Brown only threw 8 strikes and Province was covering fairly well. I doubt the outcome would have changed but Province should have been given a chance.

FieryErmine site profile image  

10/4/10 8:48 PM by FieryErmine

Yah. Bad stoppage. Very bad imo.