Ralek Gracie unpaid from Dream.14 bout

by Ben Fowlkes | source: mmafighting.com

"I fought [Sakuraba] on May 29 and under my contract I was supposed to be paid 30 days after my fight, in full, and I haven't been paid yet," Gracie said. "The Dream organization puts on a wonderful show. They're, in my opinion, the top show in terms of production, but on the back end, as far as handling the finances, they haven't really taken care of me in a way that I expected and a way I feel is honorable and a way they should."

Gracie may be the most recent fighter to lodge such allegations against Dream, but he's by no means the first. MMA pioneer Gary Goodridge, who recently said he still hasn't been paid for his fight on the Dynamite!! 2009 New Year's Eve event, and Dream featherweight champ Bibiano Fernandes, who reportedly wasn't paid until September for a bout in March, have both made similar complaints to the media.

Much like Goodridge, Gracie said he's not only been unsuccessful in securing payment for his fight, but also hasn't even been able to get a response from the organization lately.

"I had two different people contacting them," Gracie said. "I sent them emails personally, and they haven't even responded to my emails. They're just completely avoiding everything and it's a complete mess."

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Mark Dorsey site profile image  

10/6/10 1:15 PM by Mark Dorsey


Duke Roufus site profile image  

10/5/10 4:02 PM by Duke Roufus

When I & my guys fought for K-1 it was direct with K-1 no middleman.I have not dealt w/them since 05

Mark Dorsey site profile image  

10/5/10 12:40 PM by Mark Dorsey

 haha. Duke, can I ask who you've been dealing with? Seems a large part of the problem is there are too many people in btwn the cheque writers and the fighters

sweepnchoke site profile image  

10/5/10 11:37 AM by sweepnchoke

I don't understand what all the complaining is about. The exposure a fighter gets from going to Japan and being able to fight in one of the world's premier MMA organizations should be more than enough compensation, expecting to also get paid for it is just being greedy IMHO.

Duke Roufus site profile image  

10/5/10 10:28 AM by Duke Roufus

I have a very well known K-1 friend that fought last week that is owed a lot of money.The last time we took our team mate out there they paid over a month late.Sorry to this happening. K-1 used to treat their fighters awesome whn Master Iishi ran the show.

Tomato Can site profile image  

10/5/10 10:27 AM by Tomato Can

As if there's a difference.

EVILYOSHIDA site profile image  

10/5/10 10:22 AM by EVILYOSHIDA

dream is just broke. lol @ them not paying because they are trying to rip people off.they got taken off tv and are on the verge of closing up shop.sad to see, but jmma is dead.

Legkick to the Head site profile image  

10/5/10 10:07 AM by Legkick to the Head

 this thread has turned into a nightmare for Dream, they may never promote again.

Tomato Can site profile image  

10/5/10 9:44 AM by Tomato Can

Add Marcelo Garcia to the list.

punchdrunkMMA site profile image  

10/5/10 9:15 AM by punchdrunkMMA

 Hah, a little scared to post a link to my material on the UG since I know it can be like chum in shark-infested waters, but here's something I wrote on why I'm finished watching DREAM as a result of this news until they handle their business correctly... fiveouncesofpain.com/2010/10/05/a-payment-deferred-the-ongoing-dream-salary-issue/