A word to the wise - stay on Grispi’s good side

by Mark Daniels | source: bostonherald.com

“He is such a nice kid. We have tons of jokes about it. He likes to find reasons subconsciously to get really angry at his opponent right before he gets in the cage,” Mahoney said. “I remember there was a kid Glenn Medeiros and he got in the cage and was like `I’m going to go easy on this kid’ - he was like 0-4. He gets in the cage and this kid just has this cocky grin and Josh looks at us and was like, `What’s he smiling at?’

“He just gets so angry, it really motivates him. I remember his first fight, this guys Nick Zimmerman said, `Oh that’s the pretty boy I’m fighting,’ and he just completely lost it. No one that’s (angered him) has survived more than a minute. But I don’t know if it’ll work so well against world class guys.”

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catch wrestler site profile image  

10/20/10 6:21 PM by catch wrestler

 I think if Koch is going to be subbed, it will be before then.

dutchwrap site profile image  

10/20/10 1:08 PM by dutchwrap

Koch sub rd 2

benoliviero site profile image  

10/5/10 8:06 PM by benoliviero

A Josh Grispi/Marlon Sandro fight would be fantastic.

Dysqo site profile image  

10/5/10 7:42 PM by Dysqo

So how old is Grispi's brother? Any ideas on when he will start fighting?Since Kevin brought up Giant Lee, I saw someone posted this on the northeastmmma.net site, but got no response...It looks 'new' http://www.leeironclawmaione.com/index.html

donnybrook site profile image  

10/5/10 7:26 PM by donnybrook

ttt for Grispi, Mahoney, Daniels, and Warren "Giant Lee" Mayonne!!!!

Dougie site profile image  

10/5/10 6:49 PM by Dougie

 Bill was hilarious on the old rec.martial-arts newsgroup.

Graceful Kauto site profile image  

10/5/10 6:39 PM by Graceful Kauto

Sorry to piss on the parade lads, but Aldo kills him.

catch wrestler site profile image  

10/5/10 6:01 PM by catch wrestler

 From starting training at 13 years old to being a top 145lber by the time your 21..... Pretty amazing. And all at the same gym. Josh is the future of MMA in my opinion. He's not a wrestler, or a BJJ blackbelt, or a boxer, etc etc etc. Started with MMA and look where he is now.

GladiatorGannon site profile image  

10/5/10 5:52 PM by GladiatorGannon

I recomend that everyone friend Bill Mahoney on Facebook, his posts there are priceless.

TomBSupraT site profile image  

10/5/10 5:50 PM by TomBSupraT

Koch has nothing for Grispi.TKO Rd.1 The FlukeThen he headkicks Aldo into Bolivia.