Aldo: Loss of first round was part of a strategy

by Guilherme Cruz | source:

“It was all according to a tactic… We’ve set a strategy in Brazil and we trained according to it. I was aware of everything, with a good mind, and thanks God I was able to use my game plan, seeing his strong points and weaknesses to finish the fight. I had seen what kind of dangerous he could offer me so I took a shortcut to end the fight ... The crowd always wants lot of action, but I knew that, when it was the right moment, they would applaud me in the end”.

“Just like Manny earned his chance, others will come. I’m a champion and also an employee, I don’t ever choose my opponents. WEC tells me to fight against a guy and I follow the orders.".

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eqard 1  site profile image  

10/5/10 6:07 PM by eqard 1

I WATCHED HIM VS BROWN .... he was cautious and gave the then champ the respect he deserved >> then finished i watched him vs faber .... he was cautious of uriah even when he had faber badly hurt. i felt that he was smart to know faber is really dangerous even when way down with his explosive power and spazz abilities, that have bailed him from defeat many times going back to the king of the cage days. vs manny .... he showed respect , got his rythym and timing and took his oppurtunity to finish with a fake jab and the short bollo uppa that was timed to perfectioni havent seen too many running / jump knees SINCE he became champion ..... but i did detect that his hand technique had improved for the manny g. fight. his leg kicks were crippling as always and his takedown defense was as always superior brown , faber , manny .... 3 wrestler / judo style fighters that could not take him down ..... his hands arent at the level of A Silvas just yet ( hes very young ) but his takedown defense is way better .... his leg kicks are way harder.... and his timing seems just as good as silvas ive spent time in manaus and love the folks from manaus.... i remember trumpeting this guys name the minute i saw him and people said lets see what he does with faber, brown etc ....i figured that the wrestler types couldnt get him down >> it would be a new sheriff soon

kungfugrip site profile image  

10/5/10 4:42 PM by kungfugrip

more fitting to say he wasnt going out to win the round

shanoknowsmma site profile image  

10/5/10 3:30 PM by shanoknowsmma

gee, tell me something i don't know

clattymine site profile image  

10/5/10 2:19 PM by clattymine

But in Aldo's case, did he really say "hey, let's lose this first round..."  or was it more of a "let's not do something stupid trying to win the first round.  Don't sweat it if you lose, but don't die trying to steal it"  

john joe site profile image  

10/5/10 2:05 PM by john joe

having such a strong background in MT it wouldnt surprise me if Aldo & camp did indeed agree to discard the first round; in thailand MT fights, the first round is generally considered 'throwaway' as the two fighters feel each other out. The first round used never to be scored in thailand, i dont know if it still isnt

BlahBreh site profile image  

10/5/10 1:08 PM by BlahBreh

^do u wanna suck beau's balls or something? Jesus

Brian Rule site profile image  

10/5/10 12:36 PM by Brian Rule

I hear you Kirik* but I personally feel like Aldo won the first despite what the judges thought. In fact, this was the same card of the Hominick/Garcia scoring abomination, so I feel even less than usual faith in the night's particular judges. However we both agree it was wise tactic :)*OMA(tm)???

Kirik site profile image  

10/5/10 12:24 PM by Kirik

 The feedback is appreciated, as ever. That said, your statement is false. Aldo lost the first round on two of three cards against Manny Gamburyan. He was then asked about that by Tatame, and replied it was part of a strategy, a tactic. This is by no means a bizarre tactic, indeed it is the norm in Muay Thai, in Thailand anyway. And it worked.

hmb site profile image  

10/5/10 12:00 PM by hmb

^ really!?!makes more sense now though.

Brian Rule site profile image  

10/5/10 11:58 AM by Brian Rule

THIS. Shame on you Underground Newsaka OMA(tm)