Ed Soares dream fight: Jose Aldo vs. Frankie Edgar

by Ariel Helwani | source: versus.com

Jose Aldo's manager Ed Soares recently said that his dream match-up for the 24-year-old phenom would be a showdown against UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar.

"To be honest with you, if you were to say, What would be your dream fight for Aldo? I think a dream fight for him, which I think would just be a fight that everyone would love to see, would be Frankie Edgar vs. Jose Aldo. That fight to me is the fight that everybody would want to see simply just because, not to disrespect anybody at the 155-pound division to think that Jose has the right to go up there without fighting in it, I just think that, as their styles, the way they match up, it would be one of the greatest fights of all-time, I think. It has the potential to be, just because of their styles."

"You know what he always says to me? I say, 'What do you want to do?' He says, 'That's not my job.' My job is to go in there and perform inside the ring. That's your guys' job."

"He's a breath of fresh air, man. He's so refreshing. As a client, he's just very great."

"I think Anderson is still the No. 1 guy in the world. Not to say that Jose won't be there at some point, but right now, I mean, c'mon, Anderson has got 12 consecutive wins in the UFC. He's phenomenal, but the level of competition that Anderson has faced in comparison to the level of competition that Jose has faced, not saying that Jose can't be the greatest pound-for-pound fighter at some point, but right now, Anderson still is."

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Recent Comments »

RickRude site profile image  

10/6/10 8:07 AM by RickRude

Aldo versus Edgar/Maynard winner!!!

easy_v site profile image  

10/6/10 6:56 AM by easy_v

Wow, the future of the LW division is looking bright! I think before BJ calls it a day, or goes up to WW permanently, he should fight Aldo, maybe as Aldo's first UFC fight... that fight would be off the hook. Id favour aldo, but cant see him knocking BJ out. Then if you add the prospect of Ben joining the UFC, as well as cowboy/varner, you open up some excellent possibilities. As some one else mentioned, Gomi vs Maynard also has great potential. Then you still have K-Flo vs Diego (if he sees sense and goes back to 55), or K-flo vs Benson, which would be a great scrap. 155 really is becoming (i hate this phrase, but fuck it) a truly stacked division!

UpKickfromHell site profile image  

10/6/10 5:48 AM by UpKickfromHell

Great match-up!!! Go Aldo!!!

Captain America site profile image  

10/6/10 5:40 AM by Captain America

K-Dub-"T", I've only seen 6 of his fights, and only really remember seeing his last 4 fights (starting with that flying knee KO to Swanson), and I don't remember seeing any attempted takedowns on him


10/6/10 5:26 AM by K-Dub-"T"

 Well, seeing how Aldo is a BJJ BB and has had excellent grappling showings I think he's great off his back. But more importantly, his takedown defense seems quite scary.

Captain America site profile image  

10/6/10 5:09 AM by Captain America

Yes please! How good is Aldo off his back? Frankie won't stand there like Faber, he'll put Aldo on his ass

B0NESAW site profile image  

10/6/10 3:51 AM by B0NESAW

If Aldo beat Frankie, which how I see that fight goinging, UFC will 4 out of 5 champs that are finishers and killers. Now we just need a WW to step to GSP and we'll have champs that all go after it,

NarlyPersianDude site profile image  

10/6/10 1:02 AM by NarlyPersianDude

whats weird is I think Benson Henderson is a tougher fight for Aldo, and even though Frankie is the rightful number 1 lw, I would pick Aldo to beat him.Why? Because MMA is about matchups, Benson is a huge lw, and is a submission artist, I mean, the guy truly is a artist, he could be losing but out of nowhere catch a sub on Aldo, whereas Frankie is not a sub or ko guy, just an outstanding fighter, but I dont think he finishes Aldo, and I think Aldo would be smart and just keep kicking Frankie's lead leg early in the fight, something BJ should have done, and either he wears down Frankie's quickness, or Frankie adjust to that, and it opens up Aldo's boxing, and also Aldo is even quicker, and he is, unlike Frankie, a finisher, I would pick Aldo to beat both guys, but I would feel more comftable with Aldo gaining a win against Frankie, styles make fights, and it would be a Fight of the Decade kind of fight, I get goosebumps thinking about it, Aldo is something else, as soon as he beat Manny, I was already thinking of his next fight, and looking forward to it.

The Sultan site profile image  

10/6/10 12:49 AM by The Sultan

 2 awesome fighters and will make for an awesome fight.

Buck 65 site profile image  

10/5/10 10:36 PM by Buck 65

I can tell ya a superfight he definitely does not want to see, and that's Anderson vs. GSPI would like to see Aldo fight Edgar though. And BJ too. I think he'd have a good chance beating both.