Roger Gracie vs. Mike Kyle in the works for December


Roger Gracie, who just turned twenty-nine years old last week,  will fight Mike Kyle in the Strikeforce cage on December 4

The current three-time absolute world champion of Jiu-Jitsu will fight in the light heavyweight division aiming for his fourth MMA win – he has three submissions on his record: one armbar from the guard and two rear-naked chokes, against Ron Waterman, Yuki Kondo and Kevin Randleman.

Kyle, a kickboxer from Idaho, has 25 fights and 17 wins, the last coming by way of rear-naked choke.

Tall and with a long reach similar to Roger, the American lost to Fabricio Werdum via guillotine in August, 2009. He holds wins over Rafael Feijão, TK Kohsaka and Wes Sims.

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BUFFGEO site profile image  

10/7/10 1:32 PM by BUFFGEO

my first thought exaclty. This is really going show if Roger is going to the next level in his careerRoger has VERY deceiving and under rated take-downs

liquidrob site profile image  

10/7/10 1:29 PM by liquidrob


liquidrob site profile image  

10/7/10 1:28 PM by liquidrob

Really good test for Roger, I think this means he might be serious about MMA now, someone is getting subbed or KO'd

WRESTLENOW site profile image  

10/7/10 1:03 PM by WRESTLENOW

when did he take randleman down? he knocked him down with strikes. And randleman (no-offense) has been fighting like crap for a while now, he has won 3 out of his last 13 fights since 2002 for gods sake, all the injuries ,staph infections and grueling training over the years has taken its toll on him. and "hodger" still had to struggle to beat him. Mike Kyle isn't going to be outstruck and isn't going to be taken down either, we'll see what happens on the feet but Kyle is very experienced and has shown KO power.

Peckerwood site profile image  

10/7/10 12:40 PM by Peckerwood

I go with Kyle in this one. He has really improved a lot and is on a nice run.

Mark Hunter site profile image  

10/7/10 12:25 PM by Mark Hunter

You do realize what Randleman's fighting background was, don't you? Take a deep breath, regroup . . . and try again.

WRESTLENOW site profile image  

10/7/10 11:32 AM by WRESTLENOW

gonna get KOed by a wrestler, that roger boy aint got no takedowns.

demonbasketball04 site profile image  

10/7/10 11:22 AM by demonbasketball04

War HOGER!!!!

TravenBJJ site profile image  

10/7/10 10:48 AM by TravenBJJ

 I know this is at 205 but I would love to see an mma fight between Roger and Werdum

Card site profile image  

10/7/10 10:43 AM by Card

 Love this fight.