Josh Thompson: MMA media 'a joke' for rankings


“That was pretty much the only fight I could really see them matching me with,” Thomson told about the JZ Cavalcante bout. “I’ve asked for the best fighters in the world and Scott Coker went out and signed one of the best fighters in the world and this is who I’m fighting.”

“I think it’s a joke that you guys have guys like Ben Henderson ranked above guys like J.Z. You guys have to be freakin kidding me."

“He’s a beast. He’s a great fighter. He’s well-rounded. He’s got great ground and pound. He fought (Kobayashi) Masato in K-1. Are you guys kidding me? Really? You guys have a guy named Ben Henderson ranked above this guy. You guys are out of your minds. This guy is a savage. He’s good on the ground. He’s got good submissions. He’s got everything you need.”

“Here’s the deal, the only reason ‘J.Z.’ is not in the top three or four is because of the inactivity, and it goes the same for me. I was ranked like three or four and so was he, and then we ended up being hurt; both of us did. That’s the only reason we’re out of the top ten to be honest. I lost to Gilbert Melendez but Gilbert is ranked No. 2 now."

“It’s a crappy situation that we’re in. We both feel like we should probably be ranked in the top ten, but we’re not because of our inactivity. That’s really what it comes down to.”

“I think a loss for one of us here is going to possibly catapult us out of that area (top 10) and further away from a title shot. It sucks for both of us because we’re both coming in off of injuries. We would have liked to have built up the fight a little bit more. But you know what? It’s the fight game and when the promotion offers you somebody to fight, especially somebody like him, I couldn’t turn it down.”

“We’re completely opposite styles, so it’s going to end up being one of those fights where whoever shows up that night and has a great performance is going to end up being the one to win it,. I expect another tough fight. We have totally contrasting styles. It’s all going to come down to who enters the ring with the best strategy and to who implements their plan the best.”

“I’ve got to beat him everywhere. There’s no way I can win this fight just doing one thing.”

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Evilzpet site profile image  

10/9/10 11:42 AM by Evilzpet

Don't JT kinda look like shogun in that picture?

FearMir site profile image  

10/8/10 11:47 PM by FearMir

 isn't JZ 1-2 and 1 NC in his last 3 years of competing? With the win being a Split Decision win? Why does Josh Thomson think he and JZ should be ranked over Bendo???

UltraMagnus site profile image  

10/8/10 9:11 PM by UltraMagnus

I agree with him on some of the ranking especially the part were they took Fedor off and the P4P list instantly after one loss in 10yrs but still kept BJ Penn on there after going 2-1.... Thats sounds like reasonable logic......But being mad that Ben Hendo is on there and he isn't doesn't make sense to me. If I recall lat time I checked JZ is in the top 10 like he should be....

32Hunter site profile image  

10/8/10 9:01 PM by 32Hunter


Rib Crusher site profile image  

10/8/10 8:57 PM by Rib Crusher

I have a serious question:when josh gets his ass kicked by JZ, will D Puder come and fight JZ because of JZ bullying a loud mouthed gay kid?

threestars35 site profile image  

10/8/10 8:27 PM by threestars35

why? because JZ isn't a top notch LW like the WEC guys?

threestars35 site profile image  

10/8/10 8:26 PM by threestars35

f@ck you Zuffa zombie..most MMA media are corrupt and everyone who has a brain knows it

ABE FROMAN site profile image  

10/8/10 7:59 PM by ABE FROMAN

 Josh has come off jerkish since he came on here and went all Limbaugh on the UG.

Vivier site profile image  

10/8/10 4:32 PM by Vivier

If JZ wins Josh is irrelevant at 155.