Belfort: Doing dancing and Pilates to get ready for Silva

by Rick Lee | source:

Number-one middleweight contender Vitor Belfort tells FIGHT!'s Paul Thatcher that he will focus on dance lessons going into his highly anticipated title bout with Anderson Silva.

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homo sapient site profile image  

10/8/10 2:18 PM by homo sapient

vitor could learn a thing or two about footwork from these guys

THR33TO3 site profile image  

10/8/10 2:16 PM by THR33TO3

 LOL... Reading the headline I thought Vitor was clowning Anderson's alleged 'dancing' around the cage... Turns out he's serious!   Love em both, can't wait for this fight!!!!!

Coolface_Awesomeson site profile image  

10/8/10 2:14 PM by Coolface_Awesomeson


PrettyBoy site profile image  

10/8/10 1:17 PM by PrettyBoy

MMA is blatently coming out of the closet. Yet nobody sees a thing.

Whatever Works site profile image  

10/8/10 12:30 PM by Whatever Works

Real Pilates is no joke. A very long list of the worlds top athletes do Pilates on a regular basis. Doing the real stuff on the equipment can drastically improve flexibility, and more importantly helps to prevent injuries. If the phenom wants to stay healthy and Reduce his risk of joint, and back injuries than why not do Pilates?

Hus site profile image  

10/8/10 12:13 PM by Hus

Maybe strong dance moves is what's required to beat Anderson.  Laying on him for 4.75 rounds didn't work.  Grappling him didn't work.  Boxing him didn't work.  Being Rich Franklin didn't work.  Running at him balls-to-the-wall damn sure didn't work. Dancing is the key.  Vitor FTW!

Attila site profile image  

10/8/10 11:38 AM by Attila

Couple the pilates and dance lessons with a nice colonic before the fight and he's ready to go.

JOESONDO site profile image  

10/8/10 11:03 AM by JOESONDO

He's gaying himself up in preparation for getting raped?

homo sapient site profile image  

10/8/10 10:51 AM by homo sapient

he should move to jersey if he is serious about that  

Wade Hampel site profile image  

10/8/10 10:46 AM by Wade Hampel

That is really interesting!