Chuck Liddell suing MMA Authentics for 350k


Chuck Liddell has officially decided how much pain he wants to inflict on the clothing co. that allegedly exploited his image -- and according to new legal docs, the magic number is $350,000.

It's all over a licensing deal Chuck inked with MMA Authentics a couple years ago -- Chuck sued the company in June, claiming they sold unapproved merchandise with his name on it. According to new papers the former UFC champ just filed in L.A. Superior Court -- obtained by TMZ -- Chuck wants at least $350,000.

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BlahBreh site profile image  

10/11/10 2:15 PM by BlahBreh

LoL @ desperate, chuck is in no way desperate u idiot, he's loaned out over a million dollars because he's generous as fuck. He's not worried about money it's the fact his attorney told him take them for 350k because there using your name without permission to make money. I would sue the shit out of them too

soldierdad5417 site profile image  

10/11/10 2:03 PM by soldierdad5417

 This shouldn't surprise anyone who actually knows what these guys do outside of the UFC and more ignorantly TUF. Finding out all the different backgrounds and life experiences these guys have is another aspect of MMA I love. This isn't like football, where Johnny American has been living, breathing, sleeping eating one sport since he was 4 years old. Almost all of these fighters have degrees (Chuck's an accountant), thorough experience in some other line of work, or just got tired of having "normal jobs" and dedicated themselves to training full time. Sure, there are quite a few dudes that wrestled in school or boxed on some level, but that's only a sliver of the skill you need to make it to a major MMA platform like the UFC. Well played JohnMatrix, well played.

JohnMatrix site profile image  

10/10/10 7:19 PM by JohnMatrix

Apparently Chuck is very well-off financially:" YUP Chuck owns 2 bars here in Lincoln and comes in town to check on them.This would probably surprise a lot of people but Chuck is a very smart investor and owns over 30 clubs nation wide. Most in California but he picked up 2 in Lincoln."

Wade Hampel site profile image  

10/10/10 9:53 AM by Wade Hampel

Chuck is staying busy

WRESTLENOW site profile image  

10/9/10 10:54 PM by WRESTLENOW

finally chuck is in a fight he can win. good luck to the man.

Hardy site profile image  

10/9/10 3:25 PM by Hardy

Nah man. That's logic. Get that outta here!

TheDigitalRuler site profile image  

10/9/10 3:23 PM by TheDigitalRuler

How is this desperate? If the company made money off of his name without permission, isn't he entitled to compensation for that?

Graceful Kauto site profile image  

10/9/10 12:55 PM by Graceful Kauto

Problem is when he does fight he embarrasses himself anyway by getting KTFO by arm punches.sad state of affairs.Still love the dude though. Iceman fan for life.

nogoamigo site profile image  

10/9/10 12:49 PM by nogoamigo

Hard to comment on a law suit without knowing the merits of the underlying claim. If true, he should sue whether or not he needs the money.

Hessian site profile image  

10/9/10 12:48 PM by Hessian

Good for him if true. Others should not make money off of his blood and sweat without paying up.