Carwin shoots down Dos Santos fight rumor

source: The Underground

From:  Shane Carwin  
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SociallyPublish -  He's fighting Junior Dos Santos. Got a reliable source, and no, I'm not telling you who. My source hasn't been wrong.

Until today. It is not JDS

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Smokeandchoke site profile image  

10/14/10 12:13 PM by Smokeandchoke

Socially Publish continues to illustrate his "Finger on the pulse of the MMA world." What a toolbox. War Carwin!

shermbe site profile image  

10/14/10 9:01 AM by shermbe

this is like what they did with Carwin, making him fight mir for the #1 spot after he already had it.dos santos doesn't deserve a shot if guys like Jim Miller who have 5 in a row (7-1 UFC) can't even get a #1 contender's gonna be just like the mir fight, up against the cage, bump, and BOOM! JDS KTFO

EasyTapper site profile image  

10/14/10 6:40 AM by EasyTapper

But the possibility could be they're still trying to keep Nelson down. IF Nelson were to beat Carwin, he would be in the running for a title shot. So maybe they're doing this to keep him down. Also, to the real fan, I think it's a good win for Carwin, but to the average fan, it would be a meaningless win. All downside reasons for the UFC to scrap Nelson/Carwin.

EPGScott site profile image  

10/14/10 2:37 AM by EPGScott

I think a rematch with Carwin will sell better then a match with JDS. I would not be surprised if it's Carwin vs JDS, because if Nog and Big Country are hurt, you can't do much else with Carwin unless you want him fighting someone like Rothwell who is only 1-1 in the UFC and unknown to most fans.

Touched By A Jab site profile image  

10/14/10 1:02 AM by Touched By A Jab

First round KO by JDS if true

KimboByGhettoplex site profile image  

10/14/10 12:18 AM by KimboByGhettoplex

Carwin apparently needs to kill this rumor once again. This fight makes zero sense for either fighter. JDS has already earned his shot and Carwin came close to beating Brock, so by putting JDS on the shelf the UFC gets another brand new contender to push after Brock smashes Captain Sombrero. And then by simultaneously keeping Carwin busy with a tough guy that stylistically Carwin should destroy, the UFC is guaranteed yet another money fight after Brock-JDS is over. It's called smart business.

Non N00B site profile image  

10/14/10 12:08 AM by Non N00B

This fight needs to happen! The big 4 in the UFC need to figure things out amongst themselves before the distant 5th place and further back contenders get to move up.

Calibur1980 site profile image  

10/13/10 11:54 PM by Calibur1980

This makes no sense.Nelson vs Carwin was already in the works.JDS already had a title shot.JDS is the only title contender the UFC has left.The UFC likes matching guys coming off of a win against one another, and guys coming off a loss against one another. This match goes against that concept.If Carwin beats the number 2 contender JDS, the UFC are painted into a corner in terms of title contention. All Carwin could really do is fight the loser of Brock/Velasquez.This is waaaaaay to flimsy for a random rumor with no source. UFC is smarter than this.

WRESTLENOW site profile image  

10/13/10 4:21 PM by WRESTLENOW

the UFC would NEVER make JDS vs Carwin, that is dangerous putting a very marketable guy in JDS who already earned a title shot in there with someone as dangerous as Carwin, who could catch him.

atikiN site profile image  

10/13/10 12:40 PM by atikiN

Carwin never said he's not fighting JDS. He said as of NOW there's no fight, maybe someone didn't dot an i or cross a t on their agreement. Besides, it's a logical move by the UFC. Carwin did them a favor by taking the Mir fight, so now he's getting a favor back by getting the #2 contender.