Joe Stevenson vs Mac Danzig at UFC 124 in Montreal

by Damon Martin | source:

A pair of "Ultimate Fighter" winners is set to do battle at UFC 124 in December as Season 2 winner Joe Stevenson will square off against Season 6 winner Mac Danzig in a lightweight match on the card.

With his knee recovered, Stevenson is ready to compete again and he'll have a fellow "Ultimate Fighter" winner waiting to greet him.

Danzig has also had to deal with the injury bug and an unfortunate refereeing issue lately. As Danzig was battling his way out of a guillotine choke in his last fight, against Matt Wiman, referee Yves Lavigne called a pre-mature stoppage, costing the former "Ultimate Fighter" winner a chance to come back in the fight.

The UFC agreed that the fight should not have been stopped and scheduled a Danzig/Wiman rematch for September, but both fighters ended up with injuries, forcing them off the card.

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figure four site profile image  

10/13/10 7:06 PM by figure four

loser leaves town match...

BJJkilla site profile image  

10/13/10 6:08 PM by BJJkilla

danzig looked great against bocek but since then he's declined. his win over justin was a must but stevenson will win this by out grappling mac.

Wade Hampel site profile image  

10/13/10 6:00 PM by Wade Hampel

Great match up on a great card

GutturalReef site profile image  

10/13/10 4:09 PM by GutturalReef

I concur, advantage to the meateater....

RickStorm site profile image  

10/13/10 2:50 PM by RickStorm

I hope Joe comes at him like he did BJ Penn.

Macho Man Randy Hogan site profile image  

10/13/10 2:48 PM by Macho Man Randy Hogan

Stevenson by brutal 1 sides thrashing. This is a terrible mismatch to see Mac get booted out of the UFC.

jjj2121 site profile image  

10/13/10 2:45 PM by jjj2121

 Napping from the haduken that Gomi threw at him.

aok1979 site profile image  

10/13/10 2:43 PM by aok1979

And....Tyson Griffin is....what? Watching?

CMX site profile image  

10/13/10 2:38 PM by CMX

Have you seen stevenson's boxing it is terrible Mac has very sharp boxing, Stevenson definitely has the edge wrestling tho and that could determine the fight

Rickson's Aura site profile image  

10/13/10 2:34 PM by Rickson's Aura

I thought Danzig was going to get a rematch with Matt Wiman.