Silva's BJJ coach: Chael's juicing 'wonderful for us'

by Guilherme Cruz | source:

Guilherme Cruz: How did you react when you heard about Sonnen’s doping?

Ramon Lemos: I won’t be a hypocrite and say it was sad... I was very happy because he was on top of us for 23 minutes, on his best position, and Anderson submitted him, won the fight and kept the belt… Then you see that the guy had used things, so he had better conditioning than a regular athlete… It’s wonderful for us. That proves that Anderson Silva is the best of t he world, without any doubts.

GC: What did you think of the last win of Anderson, showing a sharp Jiu-Jitsu as he submitted Sonnen after a tough fight?

RL: Man, I believe that everything that happened there was the result of a good training we’ve been doing. We created a full schedule and he would perform each move many times during the day, the conditioning work has been done on Nike’s training center, so all his physical preparation helped him on the abdominal area… He told me: “Ramon, I never thought I’d lose”. Of course it was a tough fight, but you can fool yourself with that crap. It was a very tough fight because the guy came prepared, got to the position he wanted so badly and said he would get, but I think it was fight worthy of a champion. To be honest, sometimes it could sound like bullshit, but Anderson during all the training he did on the United States, said: “I’ll submit this guy”.

GC: Did you approve this rematch before he was caught by the doping exam?

RL: I’m in favor of rematches for the fans, the show, the event, the whole media… But, as a professional and athlete, and now as Anderson Silva’s coach on Atos, I consider a rematch a bad thing and it doesn’t worth. Because, if the guy had loss on the judges’ call, it’d be ok. But he stayed for 23 minutes, and that means five rounds, on his best position, which is to takedown and punch from the top, and he couldn’t define the fight, and he lost. There’s no need to know if he had taken extra medicines or not. You can’t have a rematch on those conditions. He has to be punished and stay a year off and then come back for the end of the line and wait for his call to fight Anderson Silva again.

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10/14/10 2:40 AM by K-Dub-"T"

 lol. And lol @ medicines. Sonnen: hopped up on medicines. Still a failure. lol.

Musashi site profile image  

10/14/10 2:34 AM by Musashi

Nope... not til finish. That was his problem. lol

BUFFGEO site profile image  

10/14/10 2:25 AM by BUFFGEO


Hardy site profile image  

10/14/10 1:33 AM by Hardy

Anderson Silva ain't going to lose.

PrettyBoy site profile image  

10/14/10 1:30 AM by PrettyBoy

Everything he said was true. Silva is #1.

ender852 site profile image  

10/14/10 1:22 AM by ender852

Silva... p4p #1 in the world

SRTGEO site profile image  

10/14/10 1:17 AM by SRTGEO

Anderson Silva won't be champ when that year is up....if it even stays at 1 year.

MarkRobinson site profile image  

10/14/10 1:11 AM by MarkRobinson

I dont disagree either. Chael did a great job and dominated Anderson from start to finish, however, he did not inflict much damage and didnt do much with his positioning when it comes to finishing the fight. The PED information is just further icing on the cake. Not only did chael get Sub'd but he also was caught cheating. point blank. a rematch is not in order until Chael earns it again. next time, who knows, maybe he will beat anderson fair and square. in the mean time, chael remains a douche bag that talked a lot of shit about a lot of people and came close to winning but couldnt close the deal.

theppfftt site profile image  

10/14/10 1:08 AM by theppfftt

^^^^agreed as well...

AnotherTMAguy site profile image  

10/14/10 12:24 AM by AnotherTMAguy

I'd have to agree with him, its a true validation of Anderson's skills and his training, to beat a wrestler of Chael's caliber who was taking PEDs to top it off.