Dan Hardy talking mohawks on the UG

source: The Underground

Dan Hardy looks nervous

From: superCalo
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At the press conference, Dan Hardy wasn't his usual confident brash self, he seemed a bit withdrawn and well a bit shabby as if he had'nt been sleeping well, he was unshaved and his suit had soup stains on it, his mohawk was poorely gelled.

While not the biggest fan of Dan Hardy I am concerned as I was looking forward to this fight but he does not appear to have the eye of the tiger about him, is he intimidated by Carlos Condit or it something else preying on his mind?

From:  theOutlaw  
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hahahahaha! awesome! that is the best post ive read in ages! come and introduce yourself next time mate.

i agree about the mohawk though, at the length it is only glue holds it up straight and i wouldnt be able to wash it out by fight time.

i didnt spot any soup stains either but then again... i refuse to eat soup unless im wearing a new suit, so it is possible.


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