Cheick Kongo: 50% of fighters on PEDs, if not more

source: What can you tell us about your UFC 120 opponent Travis Browne? What are his strengths?

Cheick Kongo: His strengths are his boxing and his BJJ. He came to the UFC without any major flaws. He is the type of opponent that has everything to win by beating me. It will be my job to push him beyond his own boundaries and to stand in his way. You certainly did not miss the steroid allegations surrounding Chael Sonnen that came under the spotlight these past few weeks. Dennis Hallman stated that at least 50% of MMA fighters take PEDs. Nate Diaz also said that everybody was on steroids, you should be surprised when somebody DOES NOT test positive rather than be surprised when someone DOES test positive. Is it safe to assume that a lot of MMA fighters take steroids to give themselves an edge?

CK: 50%, if not more ... What can I say, other than we need to stay away from all of that. It's not easy to put things into perspective, especially if you believe that you have a disadvantage from the get go. For some athletes, it's hard to hold up physically and mentally- the pressure, the obligation to stay on top - everything pushes you to take steroids. For me, PEDs aren't the solution. Taking PEDs jeopardizes your health and it's cheating. I am a fighter; I owe my victories to my hard work, my training, the fact that I push myself beyond the limit, the sacrifices I make to a life almost entirely dedicated to sports. Nothing else. Stay away from the needles. You can succeed without them.

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10/16/10 2:16 AM by K-Dub-"T"

I'm guessing you're a gossip whore. I'm guessing you're in the 50% of "men" who claim "The View" is their favorite show.  

caged conflict site profile image  

10/16/10 1:59 AM by caged conflict

Some of the esters they have release very quickly now. Even propionate, which has been around forever, realeases very quickly and can make detection very difficult. You can also take things to manipulate your aromatization rate of the testosterone itself. Some PEd's don't even register as elevated Testosterone levels. There is a great amount of money and science going into PED's mostly for competitors in the higher money sports and the Olympic sports. MMA benefits from a trickle down of this technology.

Coolface_Awesomeson site profile image  

10/15/10 4:58 PM by Coolface_Awesomeson

I heard a rumor once that many professional fighters talk to each other, and even occasionally train in each others' gyms.

RIPLEY site profile image  

10/15/10 4:38 PM by RIPLEY

Some real naive dorks on this thread. Suffice it to say that it is very common.

keepthechange site profile image  

10/15/10 4:17 PM by keepthechange

Shut up destroyer, you don't know shit about shit.... Just shutup

JoelN site profile image  

10/15/10 4:02 PM by JoelN

It is naive to think that becasue Horn don't train specificlly with everyone in his sport that he doesn't know what goes on within his sport; a sport that is fairly small in comparison to some others. Horn doesn't live in a box, or at least I hope he doesn't.  

ViciousCesar site profile image  

10/15/10 4:00 PM by ViciousCesar

 i just felt a case of deja vu. crazy stuff. but i'm not surprised at what kongo claims. 

The Destroyer88 site profile image  

10/15/10 3:53 PM by The Destroyer88

MOST of the named guys in MMA? Really? So during his time training at MFS, fighting once a week pretty much, and now running his own gym how does he have the time to go to the dozens of top gyms around the world and come to a conclusion that most MMA fighters are using PEDs? How is that possible? As much as I like Jeremy his claims are either sour grapes or wishful thinking. And he hasn't trained with a tenth of the total of MMA fighters in the world. It's just silly and anybody trying to defend him because he's a nice guy with a good rep need to stop.

JimmersonzGlove site profile image  

10/15/10 3:25 PM by JimmersonzGlove

^ other than HGH that's what I was referring to.

SJBenoist site profile image  

10/15/10 3:21 PM by SJBenoist

(Stuff about BALCO)Edit: Forget it, it looks like some of them tested positive at times, and not at others.Either the tests are flawed or somebody was taking cash to look the other way.