GSP's TUF Muay Thai coach Jean-Charles Skarbowsky


Muay Thai fighter Jean-Charles Skarbowsky  is a coach on the twelfth installment of the The Ultimate Fighter on Spike-TV. Skarbowsky is on team GSP, lead by current UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre.

Skarbowsky  has been described as “that crazy, drunk guy on The Ultimate Fighter.” In the world of MMA getting noticed is part of the road to success. Skarbowsky is an exciting, yet sometimes erratic, fighter who has explained his sometimes bizarre behavior on the show as being a result of heavy drinking and lack of sleep.

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Zeke Dynasty site profile image  

10/18/10 9:25 PM by Zeke Dynasty

the elbow at about 2:05 is vicious.

BTR site profile image  

10/17/10 11:11 PM by BTR

Umm... what happened to this thread?How about this.. JCS's Muay Thai record:97 Fights. 75 wins. 20 Losses. 2 Draws. 50 KO.

aatard site profile image  

10/17/10 9:28 PM by aatard

Yeah. It's really annoying that you have guys who think a thai clinch is just grabbing someone by the neck and throwing knees.

stlnl2 site profile image  

10/17/10 9:05 PM by stlnl2

Seems this forum has taken a turn that there is no coming back from.

stlnl2 site profile image  

10/17/10 9:04 PM by stlnl2

Well of course if he TOLD you he was a good MT guy with alot of experience he most certainly was......or more than likely some douchebag hitting pads in his garage who decided to trane and fight MMA, and got a fight from a promoter who needed a 98.6.

PTM2020 site profile image  

10/17/10 8:34 PM by PTM2020

 it's a pretty good troll shtick on his part though, you gotta admit.  hooked alot with that one.   that last entry though was only mildly entertaining and sadly falls into the CSB category.

UhUmWellUm site profile image  

10/17/10 8:29 PM by UhUmWellUm

This is the best post in this stupid thread, and is spot on. Amazing how many ignorant people post comments about things they have no experience with or know nothing about. Oh, and to the UG'er that said that "he hasn't been training UFC very long" has made my nigth with that comment.

WRESTLENOW site profile image  

10/17/10 7:57 PM by WRESTLENOW

Yeah yeah yeah, blah blah blah "im sure you would get your ass kicked if you trained with a "real" muay thai guy", i call BULLSHIT on that. I won my first fight in 2:35 against a muay thai guy who told me after the fight that he had over 7 years of experience. I Knocked him down with a right hand punch as he was getting back to his feet from a takedown, mma rules changes the way things happen in a fight, he kicked me in the leg really hard and definitely would have beaten me in a Kickboxing or Muay Thai fight but i finished him with strikes because it is mma not muay thai. And i never said i go around slamming down anyone who hit me in training, ive gotten dropped to a knee with a body shot from a really good boxing guy before but we both agreed to go hard beforehand and i agreed to play his game, he wasn't spazzing out to teach me a lesson like frenchy was to the TUF guys. all im saying if someone was going that hard on me, and i didn't want it to happen like the TUF guys obviously didn't if they were smart (with them having to fight in a a few days) i would tell him to slow down and if he decided to keep going after i told him that hard and then he knocked me down with a knee to the ribs i would MAKE him slow down, one way or another.

aatard site profile image  

10/17/10 6:03 PM by aatard

^^ lol, yeah I'm guessing rocknrolla hasn't actually used a thai clinch before. Tons of takedowns, throws and ways to control someones body. It's very technical and I'm actually surprised we don't see more of that in mma.

sharp01 site profile image  

10/17/10 5:47 PM by sharp01

lol ya right tons of sweeps and takedowns in the thia clinch