Kongo fouls his way to a tie with Browne

by Michael David Smith | source: mmaweekly.com

The heavyweight bout between Cheick Kongo and Travis Browne not only did not get a finish, it didn't even get a winner. A point deduction in the third round cost Cheick Kongo for grabbing Browne's shorts, and it also cost him a win as the final scorecards read 28-28 across the board as the fight ended in a draw.

Browne started the fight aggressive, head hunting Kongo with big, wild punches. While maybe not the most technically proficient attack, it worked for the American as he planted some solid shots on Kongo throughout the first five minutes.

Kongo battled back in rounds 2 and 3 with his signature clinch work against the cage, digging knees deep into Browne's thigh and controlling the position. One way he kept that control was by grabbing Browne's shorts over and over again. Referee Marc Goddard issued a warning, but after continued offenses he paused the fight in the third round and deducted a point from Kongo's score.

The point ended up being the difference in the fight as the judges gave Kongo rounds 2 and 3, but because of the deduction the final scores read 28-28 with the heavyweights ending in a draw.

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catman site profile image  

10/17/10 3:15 PM by catman

UFC just signed him to a 4 fight deal. It would probably take at least two consecutive losses for him to get cut.

Zamiel site profile image  

10/17/10 7:38 AM by Zamiel


joe bruce site profile image  

10/17/10 4:46 AM by joe bruce

sig bet says Dana cuts Kongo

themmaexpert site profile image  

10/17/10 2:31 AM by themmaexpert

Browne look's good, i'm sure he will come back with more gas tank. Most likely had some adreline dump, mixed with facing a strong and huge opponent.A great fight would be him and Matt Mitrione.

future7 site profile image  

10/17/10 12:52 AM by future7

It does seem like every fight I have watched of Kongos he goes for the nut shot when he is in trouble never fails too

MisterDerp site profile image  

10/17/10 12:48 AM by MisterDerp

Kongo is French for all those saying that the judges always give the nod to English fighters. He trains in England, but that doesn't change the fact that he was born in France.Plus... I always thought the English hated the French.WAR KONGO!

French Fries Malone site profile image  

10/17/10 12:32 AM by French Fries Malone

 was there only 2  major nut shots tonight? or did i miss a few? cup chieck again!!!

sk8actr site profile image  

10/17/10 12:10 AM by sk8actr

Man, never thought much about Kongo before. After watching him tonight and the repeated shorts grabbing...no respect at all for the guy.. that and his notorious nut shots.. can't believe this was a draw. I don't care to ever see Kongo fight again. Even if he has a cool name. Browne should have gotten the nod.

TheTakeover site profile image  

10/16/10 11:57 PM by TheTakeover

Kongo is such a cheater.

ano8tsixxx site profile image  

10/16/10 11:49 PM by ano8tsixxx

Good job Hawaiian! Island boy can scrap!!!T T T for Browne